2021 Wellness and Travel Calendar

At Talent Courtyard, we are getting ready for 2021 so this might be a great opportunity for you to think about what you are looking forward to next year! For that reason, we would love to share with you a very useful list that we put together to include all-year national and international wellbeing awareness days and other important dates highlighting mainly mental health, wellness and tourism key dates as Talent Courtyard’s wellbeing events merge these three important areas. 

Important dates of January 2021:

* January 1: New Year’s Day
* January 3: Festival of Sleep Day
* January 4: Walk Your Dog Month
* January 5: National Mentoring Month (US)
* January 6: Dry January
* January 7: Veganuary
* January 16: World Religion Day 2021 (International)
* January 18: Brew Monday
* January 18: Blue Monday 2021 (UK):

Blue Monday, also known as the most depressing day of the year, was first referenced by Sky Travel in 2005. To predict holidays booking trends, Dr Cliff Arnal, a British psychologist, came up with a formula to calculate when people are most likely to book trips to sunny and warm destinations. Hence, the third Monday in January was found to be the most depressing day of the year and the day with high numbers of people looking to book their escapes. If you are interested in traveling from the comfort of your home, our Virtual Retreats are designed to convey the holiday feeling while offering workshops that combine relaxation, personal development, networking opportunities and fun! Learn more about our Virtual Retreats HERE!

* January 21: National Hug Day 2021 (UK)
* January 23: National Reading Day 2021 (International)
* January 30: National Draw a Dinosaur Day (US)
* January 31: National Backwards Day (US)

Important dates of February 2021:

* February 1: National Storytelling Week 2021 (UK)
* February 2: LGBT History Month 2021 (UK)
* February 3: Children’s Mental Health Week 2021 (UK)
* February 4: Black History Month USA 2021 (US) / Time To Talk Day 2021 (UK)
* February 5: Boost Your Self Esteem Month (US)
February 7: Send a Card to a Friend Day 2021 (International)
* February 8: Student Volunteering Week 2021 (UK)
* February 12: Chinese New Year 2021 (International)
* February 14: Valentine’s Day 2021 (International)
* February 15: Singles Awareness Day 2021 (International)
* February 17: Random Acts of Kindness Day 2021 (International)
* February 19: Care Day 2021 (International)
* February 22: World Thinking Day 2021 (International)

Important dates of March 2021:

* March 4: University Mental Health Day 2021 (UK)
* March 5: Employee Appreciation Day 2021 (US)
* March 8: International Women’s Day 2021 (International)
* March 14: Mothering Sunday 2021 (UK)
* March 19: World Sleep Day 2021 (International)
* March 20: International Day of Happiness 2021 (International)
* March 21: World Poetry Day 2021 (International)
* March 25: Wear a Hat Day 2021 (UK)

Important dates of April 2021:

* April 1: Stress Awareness Month 2021 (UK):

Stress Awareness Month is held to raise public awareness about the causes and the cures for stress. Stress plays a major role in causing or aggravating mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. Moreover, it can also be linked to physical health problems including heart disease, insomnia, immunity and digestive problems. The objective is to understand what causes stress and how we can better manage it to live a healthy and balanced life. Our stress management workshop offers practical and simple techniques that can be used everyday to help you relieve the tension and have a long-lasting positive impact. Discover our stress management workshop among others HERE!

* April 1: National Pet Month 2021 (UK)
* April 1: Move More Month 2021 (US)
* April 2: Good Friday
* April 4: Easter Sunday 2021 (International)
* April 5: Easter Monday
* April 7: World Health Day 2021 (International)
* April 19: English Tourism Week 2021 (UK)
* April 22: International Mother Earth Day 2021 (International)
* April 29: International Dance Day 2021 (International)

Important dates of May 2021:

* May 1: Maternal Mental Health Month 2021 (International)
* May 2: National Walking Month 2021 (UK)
* May 3: Early May Bank Holiday
* May 6: World Maternal Mental Health Day 2021 (International)
* May 10: Mother’s Day 2021 (US)
* May 10: Mental Health Awareness Week:

The theme chosen for Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 is ‘Nature and the Environment’. It has been proven that nature has a great impact on our mental health and this week will be an opportunity for people to explore the healing and elevating powers of nature. In addition, it will shed the light on different aspects of mental health with a focus on providing help and advice. At Talent Courtyard, we aim to create long-lasting experiences all-year-round. Keep an eye out for our upcoming physical events, organized outdoors, in nature from the spring months onwards.

* May 17: National Children’s Day (UK)
* May 18: Learning at Work Week 2020 (UK)
* May 21: World Meditation Day 2021 (International)
* May 31: Spring Bank Holiday

Important dates of June 2021:

* June 1: National Growing for Wellbeing Week 2021 (UK) / International Children’s Day (International)
* June 2: Pride Month 2021 (International)
* June 3: Massage at Work Week (UK) / Coaching Week (UK)
* June 5: World Environment Day 2021 (International)
* June 8: National Best Friends Day 2021 (International)
* June 14: Men’s Health Week 2021 (International)
* June 15: Loneliness Awareness Week 2021 (UK)
* June 20: Father ‘s Day 2021 (UK)
* June 21: World Music Day 2021 (international)
* June 22: World Wellbeing Week 2021 (International):

As we emerge from lockdown and a year-long pandemic, psychiatrists are reporting a surge in mental health issues. Thus, World Wellbeing Week will be a great opportunity for participants to increase awareness of the various aspects of wellbeing social, physical, emotional, financial and professional wellbeing. If you are interested in various social wellbeing solutions, find out more about our selection of workshops on creativity for wellbeing, mindful wellbeing, personal development and emotional wellbeing and professional development.

* June 28: Children’s Art Week (UK)

Important dates of July 2021:

* July 4: Independence Day 2021 (US)
* July 5: International Kissing Day 2021 (International)
* July 12: National Simplicity Day 2021 (UK)
* July 30: World Friendship Day 2021 (International)

Important dates of August 2021:

* August 12: International Youth Day 2021 (International)
* August 19: World Photo Day 2021 (International)

Important dates of September 2021:

* September 1: Organic September 2021 (UK)
* September 2: Festival of Learning Have a Go Month 2021 (UK)
* September 7: Youth Mental Health Day 2021 (UK)
* September 13: Balance Awareness Week 2021 (UK)
* September 19: National Dance Day 2021 (US)
* September 20: International Week of Happiness at Work 2021 (International):

International Week of Happiness at Work is an open invitation to make Happiness at work a top priority for all companies. Everyone is encouraged to start making the change to a happier workplace and share different initiatives, stories, experiences, tips and tools to a better and a happier workplace.  At Talent Courtyard, we believe that happiness is the core factor which impacts productivity levels, focus, motivation and performance. Our corporate programmes include many workshops to improve employees’ wellbeing, among which is our  boosting happiness workshop intended to equip employees with positive-thinking techniques to remain calm during stressful situations and maintain a positive mental wellbeing. Check out our boosting happiness workshop among others HERE!

* September 21: International Day of Peace 2021 (International)
* September 25: National Doodle Day 2021 (UK)
* September 27: World Tourism Day 2021 (International):

World Tourism Day is memorialized to emphasize the importance of tourism and its economic, social, cultural and political value on an international level. Tourism, being a sector that was majorly affected by COVID-19, can help us overcome the pandemic by bringing people together again. Keep an eye on our physical wellbeing retreats which we are hoping to be able to organize these by next spring.

Important dates of October 2021:

* October 1: The Big Draw Month 2021 (International) / National Poetry Day 2021 (UK)
* October 2: Black History Month 2021 (UK)
* October 4: World Smile Day 2021 (International)
* October 10: World Mental Health Day 2021 (International):

World Mental Health Day is a great opportunity to draw attention to mental health issues around the world, mobilize efforts to support better mental health and call for a change in discriminatory and stigmatic behaviours. Each year a theme is set by the World Federation for Mental Health. At Talent Courtyard, we support the same cause by offering a wide selection of workshops to support individuals and corporations in maintaining a healthy wellbeing level.

* October 17: Conflict Resolution Day 2021 (International)
* October 31: Halloween 2021 (International)

Important dates of November 2021:

* November 1: Movember 2021 – Men Health Awareness Month (International)
* November 2: International Stress Awareness Week
* November 4: National Spa Week
* November 9: World Freedom Day
* November 13: World Kindness Day
* November 26: Thanksgiving 2021
* November 27: Black Friday 2021
* November 30: Cyber Monday 2021

Important dates of December 2021:

* December 2: National Grief Awareness Week
* December 10: Christmas Jumper Day 2021
* December 25: Christmas Day
* December 26: Boxing Day 2021 (UK)
* December 28: Public Holiday
* December 31: New Year’s Eve 

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