After a challenging year, we are all looking forward excitingly to the upcoming holidays, to bring the warmth and the comfort much needed. Celebrations may be different this year, but the essence remains the same.

At Talent Courtyard, we are highlighting the importance of self-care and reflection this month. We have designed themed workshops to help our attendees take time for themselves in the last month of this eventful year.

In the same context, we will share with you three essential ways to look after yourself in the holidays, which revolve mainly around connecting with yourself and others, giving as an act of kindness and enjoying because that’s the point! 

First: Connect..

Human connections are fundamental to our emotional and mental wellbeing. We are made to form deep connections with others. However, we often get caught up with life’s running schedules and give less importance to people around us under the pretext of time constraints. During these holidays, take this opportunity to fulfil your emotional needs of belonging and connectedness by spending quality time with your loved ones, in person or virtually, and expressing gratitude for their presence in your life! 

You can also join our workshop on How to Set and Achieve Goals coming on 21st December which will focus on setting an achievable action through various interactive activities. To learn more and book, click HERE.

Second: Give..

The act of giving has been proven to have a positive impact on both our physical and mental health. In fact, studies have shown that giving can help us live longer and feel happier. Regardless of how small an act of kindness may seem; it holds great meaning to the receiver. In this season, think about how you can give to your loved ones and to your community. Giving can take all forms and shapes from volunteering to prepare warm meals for the homeless, to donating to a charity or simply inviting the next-door old man neighbour to your family dinner. By giving to others, we are nurturing the good inside of us and building meaningful connections with others. 

In case you are looking for original ways to give to your team or colleagues, find more about our workshops on How to Switch Off, Boosting Happiness and Positive Thinking Techniques

And Last but not least: Enjoy… 

Happy moments are meant to be enjoyed! People find pleasure and enjoyment in doing different things and the holidays are the perfect opportunity to do activities you enjoy most. Perhaps you would like to try out your grandmother’s cookies recipe or prepare your partner’s favorite slow cook roast. Maybe you prefer fun family games because you always win, or you would rather watch a cheesy holidays movie under blankets with someone special. Help yourself to whatever brings joy to your heart! In the end, what matters most is to be fully present and savour the happy moments! While you are in the enjoyment mood, feel free to check our next week workshop on Kindness & Social Connections, focusing on how to form, maintain and nourish relationships, by clicking HERE.

If you wish to connect with others, give to yourself or to your dear ones and/or enjoy a creative and relaxing experience, find your way to our wellbeing workshops HERE. Our E-gift cards may come handy as well!

If you are interested in organizing similar workshops for your team, check out our selection of corporate workshops HERE.

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Words by Sara Belahbib

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