4-day work week rises productivity

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After a successful trial, New Zealand company, Perpetual Guardian introduced 4 days working week with the same 5 days salary to its employees and surprise, surprise…

…while productivity remained the same, team engagement levels increased; including leadership, commitment, stimulation and empowerment.

Perpetual Guardian highlighted the following factors to think of for employers when considering to take action and increase both productivity and engagement in their workplace:

  • Let employees think about and come up with their own ways on how to be most productive
  • Embrace employees in finding the best way to work around staff members’ time offs while still meeting customer and business requirements
  • Start with a trial and engage third parties (consultants and academics) to measure success
  • Personal and business goals need to be clear to achieve these in a timely manner
  • Flexibility in working hours is key based on business requirements, so make sure the policy can adapt when needed

To read the full report on Perpetual Guardian’s trial click HERE.

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