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With the festive season looming close on the horizon, it is important we prepare our teams for the added pressure and demands in both our personal and professional worlds. This can be an overwhelming time of year so to help, we have put together 4 handy tips to help you and your team end the year on a high. 

Helping you and your team go into the new year feeling relaxed, in control and confident is at the core of our mission at Talent Courtyard. That is why we curate our wellbeing workshops for workplaces with these challenges in mind. To find out more about our fun, creative and educational activities in ‘Interactive, Collaborative Art, ‘The Impact of Music’ and ‘Journaling for Mental Health’ and to enquire, please click here.


Beating the dreaded “Holiday Slump”…

We are quickly approaching what is likely to be the busiest time of the year in the corporate world. Heightened demand, deadlines, expectations and workloads are likely to pile on the pressure. Distractions within our personal lives crop up in abundance with gift shopping to be completed, Christmas decorations to be assembled and holiday plans to be finalised. And on top of all that… We may even find internal pressures heightened at this time as another year draws to a close and thoughts of what could have been and feelings of underwhelm take hold.

It may be the Festive Season, but it isn’t always a jolly time for everyone…

With the magnitude of internal and external, personal and professional demands on each of our plates, it is only understandable that productivity, motivation and engagement levels hit a significant slump in the holiday period. However, you will be glad to know there are many ways you can beat the holiday blues so that you and your team can end the year on a high…

Here are our 4 top tips to try out this winter season:

1 Learn to prioritise

During this season, it can be tempting to finish up any old project for the sake of starting the new year on a fresh slate. However, by doing this, we create more stress and avoidable pressure for ourselves. Sit down with your managers or team to prioritise the most important tasks and set realistic goals with the time, resources and energy you have at your disposal.

2 Don’t be a martyr

Hard work will always be recognised. However, there is a fine line between working hard and being a martyr. No matter our position, responsibilities or workload, we all deserve and require regular time away to recharge so that we can “show up” at our professional best. We recommend taking regular, scheduled breaks throughout your working day to simply be present – no planning your Christmas shopping list or organising your family plans in your WhatsApp group –  we’re talking about taking a breather, observing your surroundings, enjoying a cup of coffee, or even listening to some music. Schedule in those five minutes, you will be glad you did!

3 Adopt a growth mindset

At a time when motivation and engagement levels are likely to be dwindling, it is important to keep our curiosity alight in these weeks leading up to the holidays. We should use this time to set ourselves challenges at work, embrace feedback and learn from these lessons so that not only can we feel more engaged, but we can also start the new year with a heightened sense of professional awareness and improved skill!

4 Take the opportunity to reflect

As the year draws to a close and the new year (with all its inevitable, yet unattainable resolutions) surfaces its head, it can be easy to strike up an internal personal crisis as we ponder over all of the time gone by, the missed opportunities, the goals we are yet to achieve or the progress we are yet to make. Instead, it is important to use this time to reflect positively. Take some time to reflect on how far you have come since this time last year, any significant lessons you have learned, experiences you have had or people that have impacted you. Adopting a positive mindset is crucial to keeping up your motivation levels and keeping your progress on track for the new year.

Did you know that we can help you and your team to beat the holiday slump and start the new year on a high?

We understand that this time of year can quickly become hectic, meaning teams can be left feeling distracted, demotivated and disengaged. This can also lead any of you HR, People Managers or Team Leaders feeling overwhelmed and out of control too… That is why we are here to offer you and your teams meaningful, on-going support that is carefully tailored to the demands of the winter season (and to your exact needs and requirements).

Our Winter Packages [link article when live] have been expertly developed to equip teams with the necessary knowledge, tools and skills to cope with stress (November), while also giving them the chance to switch off, be present in the festive season and connect with their peers (December). 

If you are yet to organise your winter team-building activities or are looking for a solution to improve workplace mental health and wellbeing, please click here for more information on our Seasonal Packages and to enquire…

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