5 Simple Ways to Look After Your Wellbeing in 2021…

Wellbeing, wellbeing, wellbeing… It most certainly would rank highly for the “buzzword of the 21st Century” prize, now wouldn’t it?

And as important as it is, unfortunately buzzwords have a tendency to be misconstrued and muddied over time so we’re here to set the story straight by telling you exactly what wellbeing is (and what it most certainly isn’t…) and by the end of this blog we will help you to find your journey to better wellbeing! Are you ready?

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YOUR journey to better wellbeing…

As a team that is so enthusiastic about the benefits and importance of wellbeing, we often hear a lot of different objections and misconceptions revolving around the concept of wellbeing and what it actually means to prioritize it in our lives! We have heard things such as “wellbeing just isn’t for me”, “I don’t have the time”, “it’s too pretentious”, “it’s just a trend” and even “but I don’t like yoga…” so we’re here to set the story straight…

Wellbeing IS for everyone!

After all, wellbeing is all about how YOU look after yourself to give YOU the best quality of life possible! To some people, it certainly will involve a rigorous routine of clean eating, daily meditation, yoga retreats and a whole lot of green juice… but only because that is what they have assessed they need to live a fulfilling life!

To you, wellbeing might look completely different… It might involve regular social interaction, intimate connection, exercise, repeating a mantra, trying out a new skill and even getting in your 8 hours of sleep every night! 

So, are you ready to start living bigger and better?

Well why not start by putting aside 10-30 minutes this evening to think about and note down the things in life that make you truly happy… the things that make you love who you are, what you do and where you are at in life!

And don’t worry… looking after your wellbeing is NOT about trying to live up to the unattainable standards set by wellness gurus that we often see on social media. It’s all about the small, manageable changes that you make for you.


Wellbeing, the Talent Courtyard way…

Wellness and wellbeing looks different from person-to-person depending on our unique needs, lifestyles and personalities, so we thought we would give you a little inspiration by sharing our favourite wellbeing activities with youyou heard it here first!

Andrea, Founder of Talent Courtyard

“My daily wellbeing routine starts with 5-10 minutes of meditation, always mixing things up on Insight Timer. Then, I have a morning coffee ritual! I love the smell of coffee and I always spend some time enjoying it as part of my daily me-time, and looking at the sky outdoors if the weather allows. 

During my lunch breaks I have my daily run which is something I can thank to the pandemic and the possibility of working from home. And in the evenings, I like to rewind by doing something away from my computer which differs every day. I also aim to keep a consistent sleeping routine 

with reading before bedtime which helps me switch off at the end of the day. I love Isabel Allende’s dreamy books about life in Latin America! I would highly recommend.”

Veronica, Marketing Assistant

“For me my wellbeing routine always involves tennis! I have been playing since I was a baby and find it to be a great way to disconnect  from everything and just be mindful of the moment! Another thing I try my best to incorporate in my daily wellbeing routine is to go for a walk in the park and see my friends. (I love being outdoors)”.

Natalya, Marketing and Communications Assistant

“I like to start my day with journaling and a big cup of coffee to get myself in the right mindset for a successful day! I always start by listing 3 things I am grateful for and try to take a few moments to ponder over how calming and uplifting gratitude makes me feel! I’m also a big foodie that enjoys a primarily plant-based diet so I enjoy getting creative with new foods and exploring flavours as a way of being mindful and paying attention to my senses!”

5 ways to look after your wellbeing in 2021…

1  Eat intuitively and in moderation

You’ve heard the phrase “you are what you eat” right?

Well, take a minute to think about that… If you really were what you ate, would you be happy with what you’d become? If not then maybe it’s time for a change but here’s one thing you should know…

Our bodies have a way of telling us exactly what we need, that is why you might get cravings for a certain type of food from time to time, or even shy away from certain foods you once regularly enjoyed. That is why it is important to listen to our bodies and eat intuitively and within moderation, instead of trying to implement a restrictive diet that we can’t keep up with, let alone enjoy!

Remember, wellbeing is about living a life of great quality and while that involves physical health, it also involves the condition of your emotional wellbeing. Therefore, if you’re not enjoying your diet, experiment and find something that you do enjoy! There are so many ways to eat in a way that makes you both happy AND healthy. Now we may not be nutritionists but we know that good food truly makes the world go ‘round!

If you think so too, why not consider our brand new “Healthy Smoothie Making” corporate wellbeing workshop to get creative with food while connecting with your team?

2  Find a sleep routine that works for you

We all know how it feels to wake up after a bad night’s sleep… It can impact us in many ways, from our mood right down to our productivity and performance. 

The anxiety and immense lifestyle changes brought on by the pandemic has meant that a lot more people have been experiencing long-term sleep problems and insomnia than ever before but thankfully, there is a lot you can do to try and turn things around!

We recommend…

1  Switching your phone off/avoiding screens for at least 1 hour before bedtime
2  Trying a sleep-tea to calm your mind (Camomile or Passionflower works a treat!)
3  Reading an engaging book to unwind
4  Listening to sleep music or relaxing sounds
5  Trying a guided meditation (Headspace, Calm)
6  Noting down all of your thought in a journal to put them to rest
7  Getting your team involved with our corporate wellbeing workshops!

3  Try a hobby that is away from screens

These days, a lot of the things we find entertaining can revolve heavily around screens whether that’s indulging in your favourite series, reading a chapter of your new book on Kindle or even creating digital artwork… but all this screen time does little for your mind with all the distractions that come along with it, the stress of the WiFi cutting out (we all know what it’s like!) and our eyes could quite frankly do with the break!

Why not try getting out of the house and reading your book among nature, try taking up painting, doodling, journaling or even a physical sport to get those endorphins pumping! Not only will you benefit from being away from technology, but you will also benefit from the fresh air and even the melatonin released from natural sunlight (this will also help regulate your sleep pattern and mood!).

Our virtual creative wellbeing workshops are a perfect option if you are looking to get stuck into a new hobby with some guidance from professional creatives! Our upcoming “Discovering our Emotional Triggers through Creativity” workshop (6th Sept) will enable you to push your creative comfort zones while connecting with your emotions. Alternatively, we offer a wide range of workshops perfect for challenging personal and professional skill sets in the workplace! Click here to browse our full range now…

4  Prioritize fun

Laughter really is the best medicine, and for the most part it’s completely free and doesn’t require an awkward trip to the doctor’s to get your prescribed dose! 

We could all do with more social interaction and fun these days and while many of us continue to work from home, it is important that we learn to prioritize fun and laughter as a way to switch off from pressures within our personal and professional lives.

Why not try a facetime call with your friends, a virtual quiz with your colleagues or even a socially distanced picnic? We might still have to get creative but there is so much we can still do to enjoy a little bit of laughter in our lives!

5  Find a community of like-minded individuals

We understand that the past year definitely hasn’t been the most eventful for any of our social lives and finding a community or a tribe of like-minded individuals may well be quite the challenge! However, social connection remains an influential factor in the condition of our wellbeing and must be looked after, but how?

It can feel slightly nerve-wracking and even embarrassing to put yourself out there these days, and we understand that. After all, no one likes to admit that they feel lonely or isolated… but the truth is a lot of us feel the same, so you’re not alone.

That is why we have made it our mission to bring like-minded urban citizens together to form a comforting community through our range of creative wellbeing and professional development workshops. Our upcoming workshop “Discovering Our Emotional Triggers Through Creativity” (6th Sept) calls you to leave any uncertainty behind and explore your imagination through creativity. 

We also offer a wide range of seasonal packages to our corporate customers that are looking to boost team wellbeing and culture, while challenging team skill sets. Our theme for this Summer’s package is “Nature and Creativity” where you will participate in engaging activities to boost your wellbeing and your connection with nature and creativity! Click here for more information and to enquire… 

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