Get Creative this Summer with our 6-Week Wellbeing Challenge!

Are you looking for the perfect opportunity to relax, unwind and feel at ease with the world this Summer? Then our 6-Week Creative Challenge for Wellbeing sounds like the perfect start! Keep reading to find out more information about what our challenge has in store for you and how you can get involved…

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Get involved with our Creative Challenge for Wellbeing!

On 26th July, we will be kicking off the Summer with our very own 6-Week Creative Challenge full of fun for you and your team (even your whole family) to get involved with! We created this challenge with the intention of giving you the chance to push your creative boundaries, while forming deeper connections with yourself and others, to guide you step-by-step to better wellbeing!

Everyone has the ability to be creative, that is why we have included a wide range of weekly themes and activities to engage you – from cooking up a storm in the kitchen to upcycling your old materials! No matter your skillset or schedule, there is so much for you to get involved with, all you have to do is keep reading until the end to claim your downloadable PDF and get started!

Additional reading: If you’re interested in learning more about how creativity can have a positive impact you can find out more information in our blog post “How Creative Activities Impact Our Wellbeing”.


Week 1: Nature

Nature offers a great opportunity to let your creativity go wild, while practising mindfulness and allowing you to connect with the world around you! Your first week will challenge you to venture off into natural environments closeby to bring raw materials (and new memories) into your home!

Activities included in this week:

  • Stamping with natural materials
  • Seashell jewellery
  • Making dried flowers

Read more about the benefits of Nature on our wellbeing in our blog post “Nature’s Impact on Our Wellbeing”.


Week 2: Food

Getting creative with food is often an activity that comes with instant gratification (especially if you’re a talented cook)! This week will challenge you to get creative in the kitchen AND to use food as an artistic inspiration…

Activities included in this week:

  • Making healthy smoothies from foraged ingredients
  • Vegetable printing
  • Creating meals from new ingredients


Week 3: Painting

This week will challenge you to explore your creativity by experimenting with different textures, materials and mediums in your paintings to see what you can come up with!

Activities included in this week:

  • “Watercolour resist” painting
  • Wall tapestries
  • Blow painting

The following weeks…

We’ll be checking in with you again at the start of week 3 (Aug 2nd) to let you know what you can expect from the last half of the creative challenge and to share with you how we have been getting involved but until then, here’s a brief overview of what you can expect:

Week 4: Upcycling

Week 5: Collaborative Creativity

Week 6: Writing


Are you ready to get creative?

We’re thoroughly excited to get stuck into some of the creative activities in this 6-Week challenge and we can’t wait for you to get stuck into the challenges either!

At Talent Courtyard, we’re all about community and sharing experiences… that’s why we would love to welcome you to share some of your creations with our online community by submitting your pictures to Instagram using the hashtag #talentcourtyardchallenge”… and if you do so, you also have a chance of being featured on our page too!

So without further ado, click here to get stuck into your 6-Week Creative Challenge for Wellbeing!

Are you part of a team that you think could benefit from the value of a creative challenge? 

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