A need for slowing down and how we can leverage it

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‘We are living in an age of acceleration…’ This is not new to us anymore, we hear it everywhere.

In parallel, however, there is a growing need for deceleration to tackle the stress caused by this fast-paced world, where many of us feel time-poor and overwhelmed by the amount of information thrown at us on a daily basis.

Giana M. Eckhardt and Katharina C. Husemann, lecturers at the Royal Holloway University of London share some interesting details on what areas worth looking at in terms of deceleration and how companies can leverage the new trend by creating value and making their business sustainable at the same time:

  • Decelerating the Body: transporting ourselves through physical activities instead of using faster transportation systems
  • Technological deceleration: as an alternative to fully quitting the use of technological devises, it worth controlling the amount of time spent with these and prioritising face-to-face communication
  • Episodic deceleration: regulating ourselves to do only a certain amount of activities per day, whilst reducing consumption

These are all trends that some companies started to successfully leverage, keeping in line with their brand & customer values and offering experiences that fulfil the above mentioned trends. Great examples include slow shopping, retreats, investment purchases, etc..

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