A Treat From Our Maltese Wellness Retreat…

To celebrate World Mental Health Day (10th October), alongside our good friends at the Malta Tourism Authority, we hosted our first post-pandemic hybrid retreat by bringing a refreshing and relaxing taste of Malta to London (and the homes of many)! The 360-degree in-person and virtual retreat took attendees to the picturesque Maltese Islands through relaxing and interactive wellbeing activities. We had a lovely time transporting travel professionals to the picturesque, calming Maltese Islands through our meditative yoga and art sessions, and have been blown away by the positive response we have received since the event!

Your Free Download Awaits…

Whether you were able to join us or not, we have a gift for you! We have designed a Maltese creative wellbeing exercise, called ‘sense mapping’ which you can download here so you can continue your Maltese experience from the comfort of your home. You can do it individually or with family, friends and colleagues. Happy writing!

If you’d like to learn more about Malta’s abundant wellness opportunities, check their website here: malta-training.com.

Are you looking for a solution to help you and your team tap into a happier and healthier professional life?

The festive season can be an extremely challenging one for workplaces and clients alike and that is why we design each of our workshops, programmes and seasonal packages to help teams unlock their full potential by enhancing their wellbeing, working relationships and culture through creativity.

Led by our skilled team of expert coaches and facilitators, our workshops have been proven to obtain a 97% success rate in improving the mental health and wellbeing of our corporate clients (including names like NatWest, Accenture and Marriott International). After partnering with us, teams felt most supported in learning new, practical methods and tools to better manage stress levels and improve workplace wellbeing, while also experiencing a heightened sense of belonging and community spirit.

If you’re interested in an easy and effective way to invest in your teams and clients, here is what our seasonal packages have in store for you this winter…

Our November Seasonal Package for workplace wellbeing has been expertly crafted to equip teams with the necessary knowledge, tools and skills to cope with stress through our best-selling workshops in ‘Stress Management’, ‘Resilience’ and ‘Using Your Time Wisely’.

Our December Seasonal Package has been designed to offer teams a chance to relax, reflect and reconnect with themselves and each other. Included within this package are our special creative wellbeing workshops in ‘Gift to Self‘, ‘Festive Ornament Creation‘ and ‘Interactive, Collaborate Art – Magic Spell‘.

However, to get the most from your experience with us, we will craft your package to your team’s exact needs and requirements. For more information on our seasonal packages and to enquire, please click here…

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