The idea of Talent Courtyard came about when we realised that instead of being “fine”, many of our friends and colleagues were “fine…”.

In big cities like London, our work and our lives move at a rapid pace. Although we might thrive on it, the pace often makes it difficult for us to stop and reflect on how we really feel about our situation and our life choices in general.

When finally catching up with friends on various occasions, we found that we all had the same concerns and questions; so we came up with the idea of combining a fun, relaxing event with workshops and networking – to finally address these concerns and answer these questions. We ended up organising various events where people have the opportunity to relax, reflect and understand how to move forward through a set of mind-opening and entertaining activities.

The Team

  • Andrea Meszaros
      Andrea MeszarosFounder & Coach

      Andrea is founder of Talent Courtyard, holistic coach, visiting lecturer and professional trainer with 6+ years experience, specialising in positive psychology and NLP and passionate about culture and diversity. She is curious about various perspectives, logic and emotions. Her workshops are friendly, interactive, collaborative and educative.

    • Tobias Svensson
        Tobias SvenssonMusic Workshop Facilitator

        Tobias is a composer, musician and sound engineer. Next to experimenting with electronic and acoustic tunes, through his workshops he also aims to make music more accessible to anyone who enjoys the process of listening and playing.

      • Klara Gaspar
          Klara GasparArts Therapist & Facilitator

          Klari, who has a BA degree in graphic design, studied CBT (cognitive and behavioural therapy) and is just finishing her last year at Tobias School of Art & Therapy to become a transpersonal arts counsellor. She likes to combine her interest in meditation and eastern philosophies with the humanistic, transpersonal and somatic approach in art therapy.

        • Giulia Dell’Anna
            Giulia Dell’AnnaYoga Teacher & Arts Facilitator

            Giulia is guided by her introspective curiosity, thus she decided to study Italian Modern Literature as her first degree. Her mindful approach to life led her to become a certified kundalini yoga teacher and to start her training to become an art therapist. She runs yoga courses for stress management and creative workshops to support self-discovery.

          • Jess Long
              Jess LongArtist and Arts Facilitator

              Jess is an Artist and Arts Facilitator who runs arts workshops for local communities and teams in office working environments. She is also currently undertaking a Masters in Psychotherapy with a focus on using the creative arts in therapy and works as Legal Counsel for an International Girls Rights NGO.

            • Peter Ronai
                Peter RonaiWeb Designer

                Peter is a software and web developer who is both Talent Courtyard’s magician in terms of everything web-related and also facilitates workshops within the digital field.


              New insights of who you are through the eyes of other people.

              Communication Officer

              An initial push that things which seem unachievable because of the lack of prior knowledge can actually be learnt.

              Data Scientist

              A really supportive environment to build your strengths and face your weaknesses.