Be a visionary leader, doesn’t matter what stage you are at your career!

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Creating a unifying vision for an organisation is a fundamental skill for leaders’. However, not only leaders can be visionary; harnessing a vision as early as possible in our career is an extremely powerful skill, according to Ron Ashkenas & Brook Manville, authors of Harvard Business Review Press books.

Here’s why:

  • Good leaders are aware of the help their employees can bring in with having a more hands-on experience of their teams and how they feel about the workplace’s environment. These insights are essential to achieve a good harmony between the company’s and the employees purpose.
  • The company’s vision needs to be distilled to our colleagues at all stages of their careers and that isn’t only the C-suite’s task. Oftentimes, strategies coming from higher levels need to be transformed into something practical for a team to act upon.
  • In a world craving for fast innovations bottom-up vision development is a growing trend, that worth considering.

And how:

  1. Understand what vision really is, to plan a future success with imagination. And what it isn’t; don’t confuse it with a company’s mission or values.
  2. Find ways to contribute to your company’s vision, both by distilling ideas to your teams or by catalysing your own ideas towards the leadership.
  3. Brainstorm with your colleagues before decision-making. Collaborative work is another great skill for success!
  4. Learn about vision both through leadership and through the stories of others, and practice, so that with experience you’ll understand what works and what might not for your business.

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