Having had successful collaborations with travel trade professionals, we are delighted to announce that we hosted a couple of virtual wellbeing workshops in partnership with Malta Tourism Authority and Tourism Ireland the previous week.

At Talent Courtyard, we always aim to prioritize wellbeing by helping our attendees reduce their stress levels, stretch their comfort zones and increase their confidence and skills while strengthening their sense of community. Particularly, our online wellbeing workshops provide a unique experience intended to de-stress and relax attendees through interactive and creative activities, while they enjoy learning more about amazing selected touristic destinations. 

First, we offered some workshops, in collaboration with Malta Tourism Authority, on relaxing yoga and meditation practices which took our attendees to the captivating sea and islands of Malta. The workshops were a blend of physical and mindful exercises that could be learned and practiced outside sessions for a lasting sense of calm and relaxation. This is how one of our attendees described the experience: “Awesome! I really appreciated the sense of community, the positive vibes and the energy I started feeling immediately after the experience.”

Then, we provided an interactive collaborative art workshop to Tourism Ireland’s wonderful team, which focused on the symbol of the tree with a subtle connection to the beautiful Irish forests. The workshop combined meditative visualisation exercises with collaborative art creation to convey a sense of inspiration, groundedness, peace and calm to our attendees. One of our participants said that the workshop helped them draw out their challenges, reflect on their feelings and find potential solutions or barriers.

In the end, our successful collaborations with multiple tourist boards indicate that travel and wellbeing go hand in hand and we are keen to support wellbeing in its various forms.

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