Best Creative Team-Building Activities for Halloween and the Festive Season

Tasked with the almighty mission of organising your team’s festive activities but not sure where to start? Keep reading for our take on the best creative team-building activities for Halloween and the Festive Season…

With the Autumn season well upon us, the hectic end-of-year demands already looming overhead and the dark, dreary winter blues just around the corner, it is only understandable that you and colleagues may feel distant, distracted and disengaged within your working life at some point during this busy period. The lack of sunlight in the mornings can make it hard for some of us to even get out of bed, leaving us feeling lethargic and drained. That is why, during these times, we must make an effort to connect with others and infuse some much needed fun into the festive season so that we can continue to show up as the best version of ourselves.

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Team-Building isn’t “just for fun”, it is essential… 

For any of you that may have started with a new team or company since remote working became the “new norm”, you will understand the importance of team-building activities more than most. The pandemic has brought about a whole manner of challenges for workplaces that rely on the virtual world to connect (and most of you will agree that it just isn’t the same online). The sense of belonging and community that team’s feel directly impacts the way they feel about the companies they work for, the people they work alongside and even their own performance. That is why it should be a priority for HR, People Managers and Team Leaders to bring teams together virtually or in-person to share new, exciting experiences together that also help you to learn about each other, bond and form unbreakable working relationships.

Here is a list of our favourite creative team-building activities for you and your team to try over the festive period… and here’s the best part, they can all be done in-person OR virtually!

Team-Building Activities for Halloween

1. Host a Murder Mystery Night

We all love a “whodunnit” and when it comes to team-building in the spooky season, what better than to come together as a team to solve an ongoing mystery? This idea is not only fun but can also be a great way to fostering strong connections as they work together to serve justice!

2. Try a Pumpkin carving contest

What’s wrong with a bit of healthy competition? (and trust us, you can’t get much healthier than pumpkin carving!) Get your team in the spirit by challenging them to carve the best pumpkin in the office – and if you really want to heat up the competition, you can even offer a reward to the winner!

3. Test your mixology skills with an office Halloween Happy Hour

Whether you’re tee-total or totally up for tequila, hosting a Halloween Happy Hour can offer a great opportunity for your team to organically connect over a thirst-quenching treat. If you want to make things even more interesting, why not consider organising a masterclass with a professional mixologist?

4. Organise a Halloween “Classics” movie marathon evening

Team-building activities don’t always have to be elaborate and unique to be effective, sometimes even spending time together out-of-hours can be enough to get the team spirit cup overflowing. Cosy up with the Classics on the office projector, some Halloween-themed snacks and some spooky decorations and you’re onto a winner!

5. Compete in an office costume competition

If you want to put the creativity of your team to the test, why not challenge them to an office costume competition? And why not make things even more exciting by offering the winner a forfeit of their choosing instead of a prize?


Or why not celebrate Halloween with Talent Courtyard? 

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Team-Building Activities for Christmas

1. Spread the Christmas spirit by organising a fundraising event

‘Tis the season of giving, so what better opportunity to give than by organising a fundraising event to inspire your team to get involved with a selfless act. Not only will this activity build strong connections and enhance team spirit, but it is also likely to inspire an all-important sense of meaning among team members.

2. Arrange an end-of-year awards ceremony

Award ceremonies don’t have to be extravagant and glitzy to be a successful team-building activity. It really can be as simple as hosting an office party (virtually or in-person) to celebrate the achievements and even the quirks of the individuals that make up your team. If you want to take it one step further, why not encourage your team to participate by voting for the winner’s of each award!

3. Challenge your team to a Festive themed office “Bake Off”

We all love a sweet treat from time to time and who doesn’t secretly indulge in “The Great British Bake Off” when we’ve got our houses to ourselves? Bring the Bake Off spirit to your office by challenging your teams to bake their favourite creations and compete for the title of Best Office Baker!

4. Attend a Gingerbread House making workshop

If your company has already started with the transition back to office life, the holiday season is the perfect time to engage in a collaborative Gingerbread House making session with your teams. While being fun (and tasty!), this activity would also challenge them to work together to keep these creations from toppling down to their ruin!

5. Play Secret Santa (Bucketlist Edition)

Just like the classic Christmas activity – but with a thought provoking twist! Get your team to write their names on a piece of paper, alongside their bucketlist gift of choice (this could be a holiday, a car – you name it, it’s allowed) and encourage each team member to pick a name from a hat. Team members must then use their creativity and the budget set (for example, £10-20) to produce an outstanding gift related to the request!


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