Celebrating love differently in our upcoming workshops in February!

Amid continuing pandemic restrictions, Valentine’s day this year might be different as well. At Talent Courtyard, we decided to celebrate it in our unique and inclusive way. We want this occasion to be about rejoicing in the various forms of love which include not only romantic relationships but also friendships, family and self-love, which is nothing but another great opportunity to share feelings of love and appreciation with your loved ones. So, we designed our February weekly workshops in a way that will inspire you to connect with your loving side and loved ones through creative expression, mindfulness and meaningful communication.

Creative Wellbeing: Mapping Love

Embrace your creative side and join our “Mapping Love” workshop on 1st February 6.00-7.15 PM GMT. Our wonderful facilitator Giulia will guide you through an exploratory journey towards the HEART using art medium and creative writing. You will be inspired by the beautiful Bimba Landmann drawings and the XVII Century Carte de Tendre created by Madame de Scudéry, which shows how to navigate the confusing terrain of love. Dreamy as a love story, are you ready to embark on this journey and map your path to the heart? Join us HERE and benefit from our limited number of early bird tickets at £7.50!

Mindful Wellbeing: Love

If you enjoy mindful practices as ways to anchor yourself to the present moment, then our “Love” workshop on 8th February 6.00-7.15 PM GMT might be the best choice for you! Our facilitator Giulia has prepared, with care, a workshop that combines an energizing yoga practice with a calming and comforting meditation, which will focus on opening the heart chakra to gain the ability to listen to your inner voice and find the path to your heart’s calling. To take part of this virtual adventure and experience an increase in your sense of belonging and trust, be among the first to join us HERE!

Personal Development and Emotional Wellbeing: Kindness and social connections

This could also be a good time to reflect on your relationships with others and aim to improve your social connections. For this reason, you might be interested in joining our “Kindness and social connections” workshop on 15th February 6.00-7.15 PM GMT. Together, with Andrea, founder of Talent Courtyard and holistic coach, we will explore how love and kindness are interrelated in many ways. Using some practical exercises, you will learn how kindness encourages self-compassion and better communication and how that will inspire you to form, maintain and improve your relationships on a personal and professional level. Hurry up and secure your spot HERE

Professional Wellbeing: Effective and Meaningful Communication

Finally, our “Effective and Meaningful Communication” workshop on 22nd February 6.00-7.15 PM GMT is designed for those looking to deepen their personal and professional relationships through effective communication. Andrea will lead you through this eye-opening session which will focus on learning how to listen and respond mindfully to others, how to improve your understanding of social cues, and how to collaborate to solve conflict and to maintain and nurture relationships in your life. Join us HERE

Secure your place quickly to benefit from our limited number of early bird tickets at £7.50!

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