Celebrating 2 Years of Talent Courtyard…

This week, and particularly on 10th September, we are excited to announce that we are celebrating a big milestone… Our 2nd birthday as Talent Courtyard! While getting to this point has not always been the most straightforward of journeys, we couldn’t have done it without your continued support and belief in what we do. So to show our appreciation, we wanted to give you a front row seat to some of the most pivotal moments in TC history, by sharing with you the 5 biggest lessons we have learned in our time as a company…

Before we get into that, we just wanted to take a moment to say a BIG thank you to everyone that has supported us along the way – without you, none of this would have been possible! To everyone that has worked with us, engaged with our social accounts and been a part of helping us reach our milestones – we can’t thank you enough for believing in us!


Hi, we’re Talent Courtyard, nice to meet you!

For any of you that may be new here, we thought our 2 year anniversary would be a great opportunity to re-introduce ourselves…

We are Talent Courtyard, a UK-based wellness startup dedicated to providing workplaces across the nation with the tools, practical guidance and ongoing support needed to improve the mental health and wellbeing of the modern-age professional. 

We believe that every employee deserves to feel supported, not only with how they perform while at work but in how they feel while at work. That is why we have made it our mission to make wellbeing training and resources widely accessible for teams, while normalising conversations surrounding mental health in the workplace so that together, we can create a kinder, more empathetic and connected future for the corporate world.

With World Mental Health Day (10th Oct.) quickly approaching, we are calling teams to join us in our quest to destigmatize mental health and enhance workplace wellbeing with help from our upcoming seasonal package. Including (but not subject to) our best-selling workshops in “Boosting Happiness”, “Journaling for Mental Health” and “Art as a Form of Meditation”, this package aims to draw teams into their inner worlds, while providing the practical tools necessary to grow and take care of their personal and professional wellbeing needs.

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The 5 Lessons that Shaped Us…

No one ever said running a business would be easy… but when you’re also navigating an extremely volatile market climate, it can feel near impossible. It’s safe to say, we can all empathise with the obstacles the pandemic has thrown at us in one way or another! However, what times of adversity force us to recognise is that the best lessons are learned when things aren’t smooth sailing!

So join us as we recall the 5 biggest lessons we have learned over the last 2 years…


Lesson 1 “Adapt or Be Left Behind” 

If there’s anything that the last year has taught many of us, it’s that holding onto traditions often doesn’t serve us. Sure, our current situation can feel comfortable (and feeling comfortable also feels great) but if we want to reach our full potential, sometimes we have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

When we first launched Talent Courtyard in 2019, our dreams were set on hosting vibrant, in-person wellbeing retreats in wondrous locations across the world… but when the pandemic hit, we knew without doubt that if we were to survive we had to rethink our offering and our vision. 

So following this, we made the pivot towards virtual wellbeing workshops and soon after, the emerging need for mental health and wellbeing support in the corporate world (particularly due to remote working) became clear. Not only could we keep our business alive, but we could also play a vital role in making workplace wellbeing support more accessible and even normal!

Pivoting can be scary and welcoming change isn’t always easy. It also doesn’t always guarantee the positive results you wish to see. However, here’s what is true… If you change your approach you will be able to learn from the results and in any lesson there is great value! 

To make informed reactions is much more beneficial than to do nothing at all, so to overcome the hard time we must welcome change and growth into our lives!


Lesson 2 “There is priceless value in embracing diversity”

Embracing diversity and facilitating inclusion has always been one of our biggest values and goals as a company. However, its importance became amplified as we witnessed diversity breathe life into our business firsthand. Without the diverse backgrounds, cultures, ideas and interests of each team member that has worked alongside us over the past two years, we wouldn’t be half the company we are today. Fact!

The creativity, talent and inspiration that comes along with embracing diversity is priceless and we hope to continue our pursuit for inclusion as long as the TC name stands!


Lesson 3  “You have to embrace life’s highs and lows”

These days, we’d like to think we’re all a bit more used to things being “up in the air” and volatile but nonetheless, it can be hard to process “slumps” or postponed dreams without feeling disappointed.

Not only did we feel fearful of planning for the long term (a “long term” which could drastically change at any given moment), but we also found it difficult to look at our “low”, quieter seasons without judgement.

We found ourselves internally asking, “Is this it?”, “Will another high season ever come?” and of course, we would soon find that the answer to the last question would be yes. But here’s what we have since had to come to grips with… where there’s a high, there will always be a low – and that goes for all walks of life. The most important thing is that we equip ourselves to ride out those highs like we are on top of the world and be resourcefully savvy in our lows to set ourselves up for the next peak in our rollercoaster of a journey.

We had to learn to use those lows to our advantage by getting creative with our time and efforts to open ourselves up to new revenue streams so we could have even a sliver of a chance of surviving. Progress isn’t linear and it never will be!

Lesson 4 “Your support network is your lifeline”

Most of us can vouch for the fact that our inherent need for human connection and social interaction has been amplified over the past year. It may be “easier than ever” to stay in touch and connect, but still so many of us feel disconnected.

Going through our highs and lows, in hitting milestones and sometimes falling short, we realised that the forces we surround ourselves with have a staggering ability to impact our journey and most importantly, our mindset. 

We have been so fortunate to connect with so many positive influences that have been invested in what we do, our vision and what we are working hard to achieve. We have been inundated with kindness, ongoing support and guidance over the years and it is clear that without this network, our journey would have been a lot harder and certainly a lot lonelier. We found our tribe, and we are grateful everyday that we did!


Lesson 5 “Learning to say no to things that don’t serve you will set you free”

Like many of you reading this will understand, sometimes “no” can be the hardest word to say. Maybe it’s that we’re afraid of disrupting the peace, fearful that our “no” will deprive us of future opportunities or inclusion, or maybe it’s that we want to be seen as someone that is always willing to help a person in need…

There’s many reasons why “no” can leave a bitter taste, so why then do we readily fail at recalling the stress and overwhelm that can come from saying “yes”?

Another big lesson we had to learn was that saying yes to things that don’t serve us or align with our values and mission is only doing a disservice to ourselves and our company in the long run. We are all big empaths that like (and actively seek) to help others, so it took a lot of time and far too many yeses before we found solace in saying no to opportunities or companies that were not a perfect match.

What we came to realise was that our time and energy are two of our most valuable assets and so, it was up to us to govern how we invested them! By finding comfort in saying no, we had more time and energy to invest in opportunities that were right for us and our brand!

If you think you or your team could benefit from creative wellbeing workshops to expand your personal and professional boundaries too, why not consider one of our programmes or packages to get you started? All of our services are tailored specifically to your unique needs and requirements with a wide range of activities in  everything from “Stress Management” to “Art as a Form of Meditation”, all designed to help you get the best from your team! 

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