Corporate Programmes

We support the urban professional to inspire a new sense of purpose through community-focused, wellbeing and professional-development workshops. We think workplace wellbeing should be a priority for all corporations and universities, and are here to help you achieve your workplace and/or university wellbeing goals.

Our inclusive and accessible activities can be completed physically and virtually without specialist equipment or experience.

Our Services

All of our workplace wellbeing services are available online, in-person and in hybrid formats.


Employers can create their own wellness programmes, designed to suit the needs of their employees.


We offer interactive workshops, seminars & webinars, 1-2-1 & group coaching and guided meditation.


Looking for something seasonal? We offer special wellbeing packages to celebrate important events throughout the year.


Our retreats provide professional and wellbeing enhancement in calming environments.

Workshop Categories

We understand that one size does not fit all.

Therefore, employers can mix and match our workshops to create bespoke programmes. While each of our corporate programmes offers unique themes for each service, we have categorised our workshops into four categories:


These workshops will enhance your team’s self-awareness, confidence and positivity to increase overall performance and a better workplace atmosphere. Find solutions, collaborate proficiently, communicate effectively, and help your team excel personally and professionally.


These workshops will equip your team with long-lasting techniques to better their work-life balance and overall happiness. Provide your employees with tools to maintain control of their wellbeing, relieve tension, build resilience, and take steps towards realising personal and shared ambitions.


We pride ourselves on delivering engaging workshops which tap into both the left and right side of the brain to liberate your team’s creativity and enhance their emotional awareness. These workshops offer a safe, inviting environment to set your employees on the path to feel relaxed and enlightened through art, writing and more!


Learn practical techniques that positively impact your team’s daily mood through sessions designed to help employees find a sense of inner calm and relaxation. These workshops will blend physicality with mindfulness to teach exercises of yoga, breathwork, meditation, and more that can be practiced outside of the sessions.

Interested in trying a single workshop before selecting a Corporate Programme? Direct your team HERE.

Unsure about securing a whole workshop for your teams? Try out a pre-designed workshop from our weekly schedule HERE.

If you are interested in learning how we can support your team’s wellbeing, please enquire now.

Return on Investment

Our workshops can be life changing.

If attended once, our workshops can be useful, while if they are consistently engaged with, they will develop positive, life-long habits. Therefore, we encourage all employers to select our bespoke programmes.

These also hold promise of further improvement with continuous engagement and participation.

Partners & Brands

We’re proud to have worked with and been supported by some amazing brands and workplaces.
Your brand could be next to experience our immersive programmes, workshops and retreats!


Don’t take our word for it; here are some comments received from our happy clients who attended a corporate programme. 

‘We had great feedback from last years, that is the reason why we would like to have you back this year too.’
Marriott Hotels

‘Thank you so much for coming in and running a great session! I think everyone really enjoyed it!’

‘Talent Courtyard are organised, enthusiastic and have excellent skills to share with trade or consumers.’
Malta Tourism Authority

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