Creation & Crafts Workshops

At Talent Courtyard we pride ourselves on delivering creative, engaging and practical workshops.

The following activities are designed to tap into both the left and right side of the brain to enhance wellbeing management, therefore benefiting overall performance, productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

The main objectives of our workshops


Each event is tailored to employees’ requirements to enhance their physical, mental and professional wellbeing.


Our workshops aim to enhance self-awareness, confidence and positivity to increase performance in the workplace.


Our events increase inclusivity, respect and collaboration in your team to reinforce a sense of community.

Creation & Crafts Workshops

The following workshops are examples of those included in the Creation & Crafts theme.

Art as a Form of Meditation

Making art can be a particularly useful tool to meditate. In this workshop, we combine visualisations, relaxation and meditation with creating artwork including mandalas, sculptures, spirals, labyrinths and collages. The workshop encourages attendees to personify their inner thoughts and feelings in the from of art, enhancing relaxation and self-awareness.

Interactive, Collaborative Art

Combining meditative visualisation exercises with art creation increases relaxation and creativity. With a few simple meditative exercises, we can change our daily mood and impact our overall wellbeing. This guided workshop is split into two sections; to start, the participants are asked to visualise and draw symbols associated with their mood and imagination. During the second half of the workshop, attendees will collaborate and create artwork together.

Journaling for Mental Health

Journaling can be a successful method to release stress and reduce anxiety; by externalising your feelings on paper, they no longer clutter the mind.  Journaling as a therapeutic tool can help participants envision goals, recognise negative thought patterns and improve self-awareness. Through writing activities and prompts, the workshop helps participants to clarify inner issues and release tension.

The Impact of Music

Music has a unique connection to our emotions and therefore, if used correctly, it can be an effective tool for stress management and mood regulation. During this energising workshop, a mini concert will be performed for attendees to enjoy and reflect on the emotions evoked from the experience. We will then discuss the science behind music and its impact on mood.

Interactive Music Creation

Music has a unique connection to our emotions and therefore, if used correctly, it can be an effective tool for stress management and mood regulation. During this energising workshop, the participants are encouraged to co-create melodies with the help of computer software, collaborating with one another whilst releasing their emotions through electronic sound.

Creativity Through Meditation

Understanding and engaging with the many benefits of meditation can positively enhance creativity. A combination of meditative techniques such as controlled breathing and mindful thinking can enhance your daily mood and bring a sense of complete relaxation. When this is achieved, participants are encouraged to associate shape, colour and texture to their thoughts and emotions and personify them on paper. This is a great way to encourage self-expression and enhance creative thinking.


“The Talent Courtyard are organised, enthusiastic and have excellent skills to share with the trade or consumers alike. Our Virtual Retreat provided a space for the trade to de-stress and relax during a turbulent time. One of the highlights was creating an artwork of Mdina, Malta’s medieval capital, together and seeing our partners and agents express themselves. Many of the attendees shared that they would continue with the practices after the sessions as it brought them relaxation and nostalgia from their childhood.”

Natalie Swinburne, Malta Tourism Authority