Professional Development Workshops

The following workshops will enhance your team’s self-awareness, confidence and positivity to increase overall performance in the workplace.

We particularly focus on building resilience and stress-management techniques, designed to help employees maintain positive mental wellbeing during adversity.

The main objectives of our workshops


Each event is tailored to employees’ requirements to enhance their physical, mental and professional wellbeing.


Our workshops aim to enhance self-awareness, confidence and positivity to increase performance in the workplace.


Our events increase inclusivity, respect and collaboration in your team to reinforce a sense of community.

Professional Development Workshops

The following workshops are examples of those included in the Professional Development theme.

Using your time wisely

The modern world is highly demanding with constant distractions and stimulation, therefore we should prioritise and focus on what’s really important. We all have different ways of working, however, this insightful workshop will give participants universal, life-long tools to overcome procrastination and mental disturbance. These techniques will enhance productivity and performance, whilst encouraging judgement-free discussion about time management, identifying core goals and understanding the link between energy levels, focus and mental control.

How to switch off

In this digital age, with technology so prominent in every aspect of life, it is difficult to switch off. This practical workshop will help participants disconnect from their devices and live in the ‘here and now’. This will boost a sense of fulfilment and relaxation whilst learning about the benefits of regular breaks and time away from technology.

How to set & achieve goals

We all have ambitions, but many of us do not know how to achieve them. This workshop will help attendees articulate their ambitions and understand what may have prevented their goals from being achieved previously. Participants are then encouraged to produce a realistic and achievable action plan, with focus on their available support systems. This method allows attendees to visualise their goals and consider the necessary steps to reach them.


Resilience is an essential skill to help us overcome difficult situations, succeed in challenging circumstances and find strength during adversity. This workshop will enable participants to develop their resilience, particularly in the workplace, so they can maintain control, high performance and a good mental state in difficult scenarios. Attendees will be informed of the science behind resilience and its impact on performance and mental and physical wellbeing. They are encouraged to identify exhausting activities and establish solutions to overcome these tasks, enhancing their feeling of control and fulfilment.

Stress Management

Stress can have a lasting impact on both our mental and physical wellbeing and therefore it is important to effectively manage it. This workshop will inform participants of the science behind stress and its impact on our thought process, behaviours, beliefs and bodies. They are encouraged to identify their stress triggers and realise stress-management techniques to relieve this tension. These simple and practical techniques can be used in everyday life, providing participants with long-lasting and effective tools to boost general wellbeing.

Effectively working from home

Working from home can make it difficult to feel connected to colleagues and switch off after the working day ends. This workshop will help participants understand the importance of regular, active breaks and how to make the transition from ‘work mode’ to ‘relaxation mode’ after signing off. In doing so, participants will be given a self-care toolkit to maintain energy levels, motivation and focus, as well as movement and breathing exercises to relieve physical tension. Finally, the workshop will cover how to maintain meaningful connections and virtual dialogue with colleagues to prevent feelings of loneliness.

Work-Life Balance

Establishing an effective, sustainable and realistic work-life balance is essential to positive mental wellbeing. This useful workshop will help participants identify their everyday and workplace priorities, to create meaningful boundaries and an effective balance between the two. Attendees are encouraged to dedicate time and energy to their values to feel more in control of their life.


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