Seasonal Packages

For each month or period of the year, we offer select wellbeing packages, focusing on different themes that are explored through a series of workshops.

Attendees will not only examine their professional and personal wellbeing practices, but connect with colleagues and gain insights that they can transfer to the workplace as well.

Our Seasonal Packages

Our seasonal packages each focus on a different wellbeing theme every month, explored further in the series of workshops that make up each package.

Not ready to commit to a package of workshops? Or maybe you want to try one before organising a package for the entire team? Learn more about our individual wellbeing workshops HERE!


Back to the Office

As we head back to in-person workplaces, we have the opportunity to practice new healthy habits and explore how to create a work-life balance that works for our new schedule. Learn how to set and achieve professional goals to set you up for success.

Example workshops included in this theme:

  • Work-Life Balance
  • How to Set and Achieve Goals
  • Back to the Office Routines

To learn more about our workshops, please click HERE!


World Mental Health Day

Celebrate World Mental Health day by learning new tools to help you grow and take care of personal and professional mental health. This month, we will shine a light on our internal world and introduce some ways to help you practice taking care of your wellbeing and mental health.

Example workshops included in this theme:

  • Boosting Happiness
  • Journaling for Mental Health
  • Art as a Form of Meditation

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If you and your team are looking to relax and recharge in a fun, collaborative way, this package is for you! Featuring a green Halloween smoothie making special, this package is all about tapping into your creativity, and improving your wellbeing to keep you feeling energized, whether at work or at home.

Example workshops included in this theme:

  • Healthy Smoothie Making – Green Special
  • Interactive, Collaborative Art – Halloween Theme
  • Playing with Performing & Visual Arts – Halloween Theme

To learn more about our workshops, please click HERE!


Stress Awareness Month

As Stress Awareness Month takes place this month, we will raise awareness about stress prevention and show you how to build simple changes into your daily life personally and as part of a team. Combat stress in your personal and professional life by developing your own action plan.

Example workshops included in this theme:

  • Stress Management
  • Resilience
  • Using Your Time Wisely

To learn more about our workshops, please clicks HERE!


Festive Season

As we head towards the end of this year, a selection of our workshops is designed to convey the sense of community that comes with the holidays and help support attendees relax, de-stress, reflect and reconnect with themselves and others.

Example workshops included in this theme:

  • Gift to Self
  • Festive Ornament Creation
  • Interactive, Collaborative Art – Magic Spell

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Return on Investment

Our workshops can be life changing.

If attended once, our workshops can be useful, while if they are consistently engaged with, they will develop positive, life-long habits. Therefore, we encourage all employers to select our bespoke programmes.

These also hold promise of further improvement with continuous engagement and participation.


Don’t take our word for it; here are some comments received from our happy clients who attended a corporate programme. 

‘So great to engage people virtually, especially in these times. Can’t recommend enough. Thanks again!’

Lloyds Banking Group

‘The proposition, the preparations, the attention to detail in the execution of the event were meticulous professional and helpful at all times.’

German National Tourist Office

‘Thank you so much for coming in and running a great session! I think everyone really enjoyed it!’


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