With the last month of a very tumultuous year coming up, we have decided that it is the perfect moment to spend a little extra time on ourselves as individuals. While we focused on stress awareness in November, Talent Courtyard is shining a spotlight on self-care and reflection throughout the month of December. Following the festivities of Thanksgiving at the end of the month, we transition easily into taking time to reflect and investing in yourself. 

Creativity for Wellbeing

The creative workshop that we offer this month is Visual Journaling, where the use of words and images will allow you to release any thoughts or feelings that you wish to let go of. Not only is visual journaling an act of self-care in its essence, but you may discover other forms of self-care or deepen its meaning to you. Throughout this meditative practice, you will be encouraged to freely express whatever is holding you back or inspiring you in a comfortable, safe environment. The Visual Journaling workshop will take place 30 November, more info HERE.

Mindful Wellbeing

Our mindful wellbeing workshops act as a space for you to find inner peace and rest through both physical and cognitive techniques that you can follow on your own outside of the session. This month’s workshop, Conscious Breathing and Meditation for Self-care, will give you the chance to learn how meditation and breathwork can restore balance into your life while encouraging inner reflection. Through completing a series of gentle yoga exercises, these practices can teach you how to recognize the changes you would like to make in your life. To look into our Conscious Breathing and Meditation for Self-Care workshop on 7 December, see HERE.

Personal Development & Emotional Wellbeing

By improving your communication skills with kindness, you are developing your personal strengths in order to better your emotional wellbeing. This is exactly what we hope to achieve in our Kindness & Social Connections workshop within December’s Personal Development & Emotional Wellbeing category. You will learn how kindness encourages self-compassion, allowing you to establish an optimal mental state even in difficult scenarios. These mood-boosting tools can be used throughout your career and everyday life. Sign up to our Kindness & Social Connections workshop taking place 14 December HERE.

Professional Wellbeing

In order to move forward with your ambitions, you should understand what has stopped you from achieving your goals previously. After careful reflection in this month’s workshop How to Set & Achieve Goals, we hope to support you on your journey towards being a more confident and efficient worker by drawing upon the support systems you have available. By looking back at your former successes and setbacks, this workshop will help you to come up with a plan to excel in your career. The How to Set and Achieve Goals workhop will take place 21 December which you can sign up for HERE.

Many people may feel that self-care requires too much time or that it indicates vanity. While it is hard to find time for self-love, it is important to make time for it and understand what it means to you. This article from Psychology Today will illustrate why self-care, and its several interpretations, is difficult but worthwhile practice. For simple self-care ideas that can lead to inner reflection, check out this list HERE. Lastly, we welcome you to check out some of our much-needed Wellbeing Workshops that will take place on select Mondays at 6-7PM GMT throughout December. To receive a broader understanding of the workshops and their themes, please see our Corporate Programmes page.

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Words by Elena Bulthuis

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