Discovering Our Emotional Triggers Through Creativity

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Discovering Our Emotional Triggers Through Creativity

In this workshop we will combine creativity, imagination and visualisation to help us gain a better awareness of what is triggering our emotions.


We have been facing extremely challenging times, with uncertainty being the soundtrack for the past few years, we have watched the world turn upside down, leaving us disoriented and unsure of the future. Due to this, trying to lay down the foundations for our future and make decisions that will affect our personal and professional lives is not an easy task. When facing these challenging times it’s exceedingly difficult to maintain a strong, positive and focused mindset, sometimes even losing faith.

By combining the power of creativity, imagination and visualisation it will help us gain a better awareness of what’s triggering our emotions how we can use this deep knowledge to navigate the intricate labyrinth of life, renewing our sense of hope and self-confidence.

  • Refreshed perspectives, mindset & attitude
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Enhanced overall wellbeing



This particular workshop will be facilitated by Giulia Dell’Anna, a certified Kundalini yoga teacher and art therapist trainee with a BA in Italian Modern Literature. She is guided by her introspective curiosity and a mindful approach to life. She has vast experience working with diverse groups of people, including adults working from home, parents, university students and children with special needs and learning disabilities. She runs meditation and yoga sessions for stress management, as well as healing art and creative writing workshops.

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This will be a virtual live session. Once signed up, you’ll receive a link to register to our Zoom virtual classroom.

  • Mandatory: Squared paper (at least 24×24 cm or bigger). Drawing materials of your choice: paint, coloured pencils, crayons, watercolours etc..
  • Optional: old magazines for collage making, any mix media materials you would like to bring into your art work.
  • No previous experience is required.
  • Please join on time, and be mindful with any noises throughout the session (possibly mute yourself).
  • This will be an interactive session, videos will be encouraged.
  • Make sure to stay hydrated.
  • NOTE: We reserve the right to add, postpone, change or cancel the start dates of our workshops, in which case we will inform you in advance.

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