Two in three young professionals is unhappy with what they do on a daily basis (London Business School, 2017). That’s why we’ve kicked-off Talent Courtyard – to support young, urban citizens of the world to break everyday routines and inspire a renewed sense of purpose, growth and adventure through community-focused creative wellbeing events designed for individuals and businesses.

At TC, our events are immersive experiences in natural settings, incorporating workshops related to: personal development; wellbeing management; arts; mind-opening talks; outdoor activities; entertainment and networking opportunities.

Each event is specifically designed to provide all kinds of professionals the guidance and support necessary to effectively navigate their professional and personal wellbeing.

The Perks

Global Community

We are a global community of diverse individuals. Our members are professionals from various countries and of all ages who all share the curiosity for the new.

Curated Activities

Every Talent Courtyard event is different. We shape our workshops and other activities specifically to our attendees’ needs and requirements.  

Accommodated Needs

We support flexible personal needs and work environments, hence most of our activities are available in person and online too!

Natural Settings

Finally, it’s time to get out of the city and spend some time in the nature! You won’t believe how much it can help in our aim to relax and reflect…


We are individuals with diverse backgrounds, from various countries, of all ages: a selection of entrepreneurs, creatives, artists, freelancers.

We all share the curiosity for the new, while we find mental- and physical health particularly important in our work-life. We are a global and inclusive network of professionals.

Our Events

Our events include inspirational and thought-provoking workshops in a great community of diverse people – available both in person and online.

We carefully curate every moment of the time you spend at the Talent Courtyard events to create the perfect balance of learning, personal development, networking, free time to reflect and relax, connect with amazing people, and have great fun!

There will be a selection of workshops provided to pick from depending on our attendees’ requirements; including personal development; mental health management; arts, digital skills and entertainment.

Our facilitators and speakers are also specifically chosen for the crowd who attends our events and they usually stay for a longer period of time so you will have a chance to speak with them outside of the activities they facilitate as well.


Our creative wellbeing events, workshops and retreats are designed with key takeaways in mind: providing invaluable personal development; the opportunity to push boundaries and expand your comfort zone; a network to collaborate on new projects; long-lasting relationships in a supportive community of like-minded individuals; a reconnection with nature and handcrafts; and a reconnection with each other and ourselves.