What is Talent Courtyard?

Talent Courtyard is a social enterprise which aims to help young, urban citizens of the world to break everyday routines and inspire a renewed sense of purpose, growth and adventure through workshop-based retreats for individuals and unique team-building activities to businesses.

TC is also a community that offers ongoing support to its members, including workshops and networking opportunities; an ideas bank for all kinds of professionals to effectively navigate their professional and personal well-being with the contribution of subject matter experts and the power of the crowd!


Tell me more about the Talent Courtyard retreats!

Our retreats are 4-day immersive long weekends in natural settings, incorporating workshops related to: personal development; mental health management; arts and digital skills; mind-opening talks; physical exercise; outdoor activities; entertainment and networking opportunities. We invite speakers and subject matter experts from all over the world to facilitate these activities.

Each event is designed to address the needs and requirements of our attendees so we can provide them the guidance and support necessary to effectively navigate their professional and personal well-being.

We understand that by attending the retreat some people might need time on their own, hence attending all workshops is not compulsory.

Usually 15-20 people attend one retreat, while the size of our events vary.

Who attends the Talent Courtyard retreats?

We are proud to have a diverse community of individuals attending our retreats!

These people are from various countries from all over the world, of all ages, with most of them in their late 20s, 30s and 40s. A selection of working professionals, including entrepreneurs, creatives, artists, freelancers and passionate experts in any particular topic.

The attributes all of us share are being social, open-minded, curious and respectful of others regardless of their backgrounds and values!

Do you feel like you’re one of us? APPLY NOW to join the experience!

How many people attend a retreat?

Usually 15-20 people attend one retreat, while the size of our events vary.

When is the next retreat?

The next Talent Courtyard retreat is taking place October 17-20, 2019. APPLY NOW to register!

Where is the next retreat? What are the accommodations like?

Our next retreat takes place in Flimwell, the countryside of East Sussex, UK. It’s only a 90-minute drive and an hour train trip from London to Wadhurst where we can arrange a shuttle to pick you up.

The accommodations we offer are within the retreat’s location, all comfortable and cosy, home-like places for you to be able to rest. You can select between single, double rooms and shared accommodation. We will share detailed info about the accommodation during a call with a TC community member to give you all the details you need.

In case you prefer to stay in a different location, you are welcome to arrange your own personal accommodation and still join the retreat for a fee.

What kind of workshops & activities are offered?

We offer a selection of workshops related to personal development; mental health management; arts and digital skills.

Our other programs include mind-opening talks; physical exercise; outdoor activities; entertainment and networking opportunities.

There will be also a special secret program offered during the retreat which we base on the interest of our attendees.

Plus, there are also further programs available for a fee, such as a massage in your free time, etc.. These and the price rates will be all included in your welcome pack once you applied to the retreat.

During the 4 days you might want to spend some time on your own which we totally understand. Therefore, all activities offered to you are optional to attend, you decide what is the best for you!

If you would like to find out more about our workshops write an e-mail to us at

How can I sign up to the workshops? What should I pack?

Don’t worry! Once you sign up to one of our events, we’ll send you everything in detail, including the workshops, special programs and things you will need to bring!

What is the price of the Talent Courtyard retreat? What's included?

Talent Courtyard Retreat Prices:
Early Bird Ticket: £550+ (until 31st July)
Standard Ticket: £800+ (until 31st August)
Last Minute Ticket: £950+ (15th September onwards)

We are currently selling early bird tickets for £550+ each (single, double and shared accommodation options are available with a slight difference in price).

The price of the retreat includes: accommodation, meals, drinks, workshops, outdoor activities, evening events and special programs.

Our price does not include the following: transportation (while we can arrange it for you for a fee), alcohol and certain optional activities we offer on site, including zen shiatsu massage, wine tasting, a professional portrait session, etc..

Check out the schedule on our UPCOMING EVENTS page for more info on what happens at the Talent Courtyard retreats.

Do you offer corporate group rates?

Yes, we do! Please get in touch with us through
Or check out our TEAM BUILDING EVENTS page.

Is travel included in the price?

While travel is not included in the price offered, we can look at arranging it for you for a fee. Get in touch at

What about refunds?

We would love for you to join us according to plans but we do understand that sometimes things go out of control. In case you cannot attend the event you applied to for any reason, please do get in touch asap with your point of contact or through!

Our refund policy is the following:

  • We are able to give you a full refund if you cancel any of the events you applied to at least 60 days in advance.
  • You will get 50% back in case you cancel up to 30 days ahead of the event’s date.
  • You will get 25% back in case you cancel up to 14 days ahead of the event’s date.
  • After that we will not be able to return your payment as we also cannot cancel the arrangements we made to accommodate you. However, we’ll be happy to look into getting you on-boarded to another similar event and do our best to take into account the fee you already paid.
Can I attend part-time, arrive late or leave early?

We do not recommend arriving or leaving outside of the retreat times because we want you to get as much time with your new community as possible, and get the most out of this experience. It’s only 4 days in the end! However, you can still do so, it’s your decision, while arriving late or leaving early means you might miss out on some activities.

Please note that we won’t be able to modify the price of the retreat as the perks included need to be confirmed way in advance for everyone. Thank you for your understanding!

Can I bring my partner, friend or pet to the retreat?

Unfortunately, only registered participants are allowed. While we do love pets, they are also not allowed.

I have some specific dietary requirements...

We offer a variety of options, including vegan, gluten- and dairy-free!
Once we receive your application, we’ll be in touch with more info and also inquire about your requirements.

Still haven't found all the answers to my questions...

No problem! We’re here to help. Write us an e-mail with all queries at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!


Can you tell me more about the team-buildings?

Coming soon…


Coming soon...

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