Finding work-life balance in the age of Work-From-Home…

Ask yourself this… 

Are you working from home or are you living at work?

While some of us have already been resuming back to “normal” office life, for others the prospect of going back to the office on a permanent basis is still a dream of the very distant future. If technology hadn’t already made it easy enough to check in to our emails at dinner time, work-from-home life most certainly hasn’t helped in the pursuit of finding that much needed balance between our personal and professional lives.

When we spend so much of our time in our own homes, within the same four walls, how do we compartmentalize our lives? Where exactly do we draw the line?

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The double-edged sword of work and wellbeing…

For many of us, our careers can give us a new lease of life. A purpose. A reason to get up in the morning feeling full of excitement, ready to get stuck into whatever the day throws our way. 

Our careers can even be our saving grace. The change in direction that we were so desperate for in our time of need. The things that pull us from a dark place in life and into new, colourful, hopeful waters.

So what then, is this double-edged sword that we speak of?

Well, when we love what we do we can very easily neglect ourselves and when we do this, the thing that gave us a purpose in life can very easily become the thing that is wearing us down physically, emotionally, mentally and even socially.

It can be all too tempting to say “just one more email”, “just one more minute” or “just one more call” but the truth is, we all know that one more email is never really just one…

When we regularly prioritize our professional lives over our personal lives we are bringing ourselves closer and closer to the prospect of stress and burnout, and let’s face it… We don’t have time for that, we’ve got lives to be living…

So let’s start living them!


Importance of healthy boundaries when seeking balance…

Work-related stress is something we’re certain that each and every one of us has felt the impact of at some point in our life. We all know what it’s like to have deadlines seemingly coming out of our ears and a million and one tasks that all need our very limited time!

Alongside this, the increase in opportunities created by technology and social media have also brought along increased expectations for ourselves and our teams, meaning it can be a challenge to just “switch off”!

Did you know: the impact of work-related stress and mental health problems on team welfare, lost working days and decreased productivity is actually higher than the impact of physical health related issues?

With this in mind, it is more important now than ever before to learn how to establish healthy boundaries in our professional lives, so that we can start living happier, healthier, more balanced lives, feel engaged and focused in our work and less prone to burn out!

And you know what that means…

When you feel great about coming to work, you are more creative and more capable of hitting your deadlines… meaning less stress all around!

How to find balance for you and your team starting now…

The best thing all of us can do to find balance and establish healthy boundaries in our professional life is be open to understanding our own needs and the needs of our team.

Capabilities and needs will differ from person to person, meaning our boundaries will too. Therefore, establishing boundaries isn’t necessarily a “one-size fits all” situation. However, the more we look out for ourselves and those around us, the closer we will come to finding what truly works for us and our teams!

Here are some helpful ways you can encourage balance starting now…

1  Pencil in your “time away” and commit to it!

Just as you would pencil in all of those important, time-sensitive tasks that need your attention throughout the day and week, it is so important to get into the habit of penciling in your time away from your working space… especially when you’re working from home!

It can be all too easy to get into the habit of eating lunch at our desks or working overtime to keep up with the overflowing work demands we have on our plates but truthfully, taking your full attention away from your work to relax and recharge in your lunch breaks, evenings off and weekends means that you can actually come back to your work feeling more motivated, capable and energized.

You will notice those tasks being ticked off quicker than ever, we guarantee it!

Our corporate workshop “How to Switch Off” can provide you and your team with the actionable techniques necessary to relax, even when the demands of professional life get a bit much! Click here for more information and to inquire…

2  Spend some time outdoors, away from distractions

Some of us workaholics really do need to be pried away from our working and living spaces to truly disconnect – and that’s okay! Afterall, there are distractions everywhere that make it far too tempting to jump back into our work or even just be mulling over deadlines even after we’ve clocked out. This is where the biggest problem in finding work-life balance lies!

Surrounding yourself with a bit of nature is often the best way to truly shut off and focus on the world around us that is moving in real time! How about trying to get yourself into the habit of leaving your work space and going for a walk as soon as the working day is over? Or why not set up a socially distanced nature walk on the weekends for your team?


3  Encourage open communication

If helping you and your team to establish better boundaries and work-life balance is all about being aware of your individual limits and capabilities, then open communication is the key.

Work-from-home life has certainly put barriers in the way of our communication, meaning it is so necessary to be making a conscious effort to keep those lines of communication open and to work on team closeness, connection and culture! 

There are many ways you can achieve this and it really can be as simple as checking in with your team to regularly review their performance, how they are feeling and how they are coping with their workload! Sometimes when we’re struggling at work, the most powerful thing for us is to know that we are acknowledged and most importantly, not alone!

However, sometimes what you really need to find balance is to let your creativity run wild alongside a strong community of like-minded professionals that may be facing the same challenges! Our upcoming “Collaborative Collage Making” (June 7th) workshop challenges you to step out of your creative comfort zones by exploring the power of art and community spirit! Join us on our quest for better wellbeing now by securing your early bird tickets here…

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