The coming month will be a very different November, much like the challenging past year. While a lot of the focus has been about managing your wellbeing in the present, we would like to direct some thought towards bracing the nearing winter season.

Grief is a necessary conversation for some…

Kicking off the season is Day of the Dead, a Mexican holiday to honour the souls of the deceased, observed 1 November. In other parts of the world, people similarly celebrate All Saints Day which is closely related to Day of the Dead. This tradition is an opportunity to celebrate the past lives of others, as well as a time to remember that death is a natural event that we must all face. To read more about the origins and customs, read the History article HERE. 

Although it may be momentarily easier to avoid the subject, emotions of grief and loss need to be involved in discussions surrounding wellness. Try to assess what losses you have faced or are currently facing. Maybe reach out to those who faced those losses with you, as grief is often heightened when you feel that you are alone. Whether it was dealing with social isolation, illness, death, or significant changes to daily routines, loss was universally felt this year.

We are not implying that these emotions can go away simply by talking about grief. Rather, we are hoping that diving into these conversations may help you prepare to handle those emotions. If you are feeling unsure about the topic, check out this Harper’s BAZAAR article that explains the importance of talking about grief. Our corporate workshops, Effective & Meaningful Communication, Positive Thinking Techniques, and Kindness & Social Connections will be worth check out as well.

Raising stress awareness

On another note, the drive to increase stress awareness has been escalated in the past months. Especially during International Stress Awareness week (taking place 2 November until 6 November) tools can be found to help alleviate any mental pressure, which can certainly be brought on by grief and loss. We have introduced a new collection of categories, this month focusing on stress awareness, to help figure out which workshop suits you best. See our Online Wellbeing Workshops to relieve tension. The November collection includes our courses Art it Out; Breathwork, Balance, and Meditation; Stress Management; and Financial Wellbeing.  

Looking forward to Movember

One of the best parts about this month is seeing all the wonderful moustache’s in support of Movember. Movember is one of the largest charities better mens health, specifically targeting mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer. Whether you decide to grow out facial hair, sign up for their move/adventure challenges, or host a virtual event, it’s essential to improve screening for men’s health issues and urge men not to neglect the doctor’s office. To read more about the multiple ways to get involved, check out the Movember article “However you Mo will save a bro.”

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Words by Elena Bulthuis

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