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The number of single working mothers accounts to 10 million solely in the US with mothers working 100 hours per week on average between work and home.

Yet, there is still space to grow for a culture that supports and appreciates these people and their needs in terms of flexibility. Grace Reyes, single working mom shares her tips on how to survive in today’s urban jungle:

  • Don’t forget there are plenty of other women facing the same, and there will always be places understanding your situation. If your current work place is not the right one, don’t be scared to look for change.
  • Celebrate your achievements and make sure you remember these on a daily basis. This gives you strength to fight through the day. Take into account everyday small things as well (as doing the laundry the third time in the day).
  • Ask for flexibility at work if you need it. Thankfully, this is now becoming a norm, so you should enjoy it as well!
  • Make some ‘me-time’ for yourself when you can but at least once a week. This can be anything from a massage to having your favourite tea at a silent moment in the day. Even a few minutes can make their magic. Don’t be too hard on yourself and be proud of all the things you achieved because at the end of the day, it’s you who makes the most critical judgements about your performance, from a positive perspective too.

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