Sometimes it can feel like work is just something we do to make enough money to survive, but it’s far more than that! Work can be a great source of satisfaction in our lives, so it’s important for all of us as part of the workforce to make the effort in keeping everyone in our workplaces happy. There’s also an importance in work-life balance, which we all achieve in our own ways, but this week we’re suggesting one way you might have tried without realising – doodling!

What does it really mean to be happy at work?

Imagine if every Monday morning you jumped out of bed feeling excited about going back to work? Starting early, enthusiastically chatting with your co-workers, and being eager to see clients again? Okay, maybe we don’t all feel quite that obsessed with our jobs, but it shouldn’t be a strange thing to feel happy at work!

We spend a large portion of our adult lives working, so how we feel whilst we do it plays a huge role in our overall health and wellbeing, and since being happy makes us healthier, more social, and even increases our life expectancy, it should be a priority for everyone to maintain their happiness at work.

Being happy with your job is about more than just simply feeling positive whilst doing our jobs – it’s about meaningful work, personal and professional development, healthy relationships, and also having fun. It should also be a concern for employers, as happy employees are more involved, productive, cooperative, creative, and innovative. They are much less likely to resort to absenteeism (such as calling in sick) and there is a greatly decreased chance they will experience a burnout due to presenteeism (such as being sick and still working).

Happiness pays off!

If so much of our lives is devoted to working, it makes sense to assume that everyone is at least mostly happy at work, or at least makes the effort to be, but the fact is that this is very often not the case. As a study from Gallup reported, only 11% of employed people in the UK claim to be psychologically engaged in their work, which is a worrying point as Oxford University has found that those people that are engaging positively with their work are a whole 13% more productive than the rest!

In light of this importance of keeping ourselves and colleagues happy at work, the International Week of Happiness at Work, taking place this week, is a global initiative with the aim to stimulate workplaces with enjoyment, appreciation, positive feedback, challenges, trust, meaningful results, and growth for both individuals and teams. As Gallup reports only a shocking 27% of British employees agree that their employer is concerned about their overall wellbeing, there’s definitely need for a call to action to all of us as employees, employers, entrepreneurs, or organisations to make happiness at work something to be expected and not only to be desired!

Reading this you may be beginning to think about your own happiness at work and what you can do about it, but it’s also necessary to remember that this happiness is driven by combing job-satisfaction with healthy work-life balance. A fantastic way to achieve these is with our ‘Positive Thinking & Wellbeing’ workshop, which involves activities that stimulate positive working habits and self-growth, or our ‘Creativity for Wellbeing’ workshop, designed to help you generate practical mindfulness for managing stresses in your personal and professional life.

Alternatively, if you work as part of a team, our Corporate Programmes offer an intuitive way to advance your team’s wellbeing and development, with workshops such as Boosting Happiness and Effective & Meaningful Communication. See the full details of our corporate workshops HERE.

A doodle for the happy mind

When was the last time you picked up a pencil and paper to make a sketch or a doodle? A lot of us often forget the joy that comes from creating art, which is a shame since it can be a perfect way to let off some steam and stay in a good mood!

Even at work – getting stuck in a meeting or phone call, waiting on a colleague, or just taking a little break from staring at the screen – drawing or doodling can be a perfect way to release pressure from the mind in a playful and creative way. This way it can actually help keep us more engaged at work since we feel less frustrated and overall happier!

There’s no better time to start getting into doodling with National Doodle Day coming up this Friday 25th September, a charity event organised by Epilepsy Action that auctions off doodles from celebrities to support people affected by epilepsy. Their website has plenty of inspiration for the doodles you might want to make yourself, so why not try it? You might unlock an artistic side you never knew about, reawaken your creative spirit, or just enjoy yourself!

If you enjoy creating art in a free and relaxing way, take a look at some of our wellbeing workshops, which help you use creative expression as a pathway to relaxation and personal-development. Some of these include ‘Art as a Form of Meditation’ where you can find new channels within yourself through art therapy, and ‘Creative Writing & Art’ in which we combine literacy and visualisations to discover the power of words!


Find out more about our workshops and events, including our upcoming Virtual Wellbeing Afternoon Sessions HERE.

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Words by Thanakarn Pongtipsukon




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