Happy New Year And We Are Back! 

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all! We are happy to be back! We hope you had a chance to rest and have a good time. We are looking forward to the new year ahead filled with optimism and gratitude. We have been working on many great ideas for this year, we are also hoping to go back to physical outdoors activities as soon as we can. So, keep your eyes open for our upcoming events!

New Year’s Resolutions and Habits 

It’s that time of the year when we think about setting new goals and kick-starting new habits. This could be a good time for you as well if you are looking to change old habits or build new ones that will help you achieve your resolutions. Most people who are hyped about their new year’s goals lose the spark come February and that’s, according to Life Coach Liz Goodchild, because they don’t form habits that allow them to make their resolutions stick. Top tip for keeping resolutions is to make small and consistent changes that do not require a lot of effort or time, but that will add up in time to make a compound effect. Which will eventually turn into a habit.

January Theme

To start the year with some challenge, we chose “Pushing Boundaries” as a theme for the first month of this year. In January, we will be taking a fresh approach to the new year with sessions designed to challenge you, help you learn new skills and try things you might never have tried before. For each category, we have a workshop subject that will help you start the year confidently and efficiently. On creativity for wellbeing, you will learn to “Expand Your Comfort Zone Through Arts and Crafts”. On personal development and emotional wellbeing, you will explore “Positive Thinking Techniques – Blue Monday Edition!” through a mixture of creative exercises, conversations and reflection. And on professional wellbeing, you will learn “How to Set and Achieve Goals” which will help you visualise your objectives and take the necessary steps to accomplish them. Learn more about all the workshops HERE!

Creativity for Wellbeing Workshop

Our first workshop this year is a special one, taking place on the 11th January 6-7PM GMT. It will tackle the subject of comfort zone from an art perspective. “Expanding your comfort zone through arts and crafts” workshop aims to give you a chance to explore your comfort zone and train yourself to push your boundaries. The objective is, for you, to experience the freedom and the new possibilities that lie beyond the limits of your comfort zone and act upon them. If you are interested in starting the year with a brave step towards learning and growth, learn more about the workshop HERE.

Personal Development & Emotional Wellbeing

Our second workshop, “Positive Thinking Techniques – Blue Monday Edition!”, will be on the 18th January 6-7PM GMT. It will focus on using positive psychology to cultivate sustainable happy feelings, balance and sense of purpose, and to train your mind to cope with stress in difficult situations. If you are interested in chasing January blues and changing your perspective to a positive one, find out more about the workshop HERE!

Professional Wellbeing

Finally, Our last workshop this month, “How to Set and Achieve Goals” , will take place on the 25th January 6-7PM GMT. This workshop will be a chance for you to reflect on the past year and define your new year’s objectives, with the guidance of our facilitator, Andrea Meszaros, coach and founder of Talent Courtyard. This session is designed to equip you with necessary tools to build an actionable and achievable plan towards your goals. If you would like to start the year on a productive note, learn more about the workshop HERE

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