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Oftentimes, to come up with solutions we need to think differently. But to be able to think differently we also need to see differently.

Great thinkers often look at the world from an other angle than most people do, hence they see opportunities that others don’t, according to Adam Brandenburger, professor at multiple major universities. It doesn’t mean that we need to come up with completely new ideas out of the blue, while there are multiple examples of great entrepreneurs who observed ‘ordinary’ subjects and came up with extraordinary solutions, such the story of Velcro.

One way to look at things from a different angle is called ‘de-familiarization’, an approach when we don’t only consider the whole subject, but we also observe the details, even by making them strange, whilst breaking the problem down into pieces, and by differentiating ‘the situation from the interpretation’.

We, as human beings are designed not to pay much attention on stable things around us but focus more on the changing ones. However, it worth practicing this different approach, as ‘by seeing differently, we can end up seeing what no one else has yet seen. This is how the future is built.’

To read the full article on Harvard Business Review click Here.

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