Having an optimistic outlook can come naturally for some people, but for a lot of us there’s a challenge in keeping a positive attitude. Thankfully, there are a few neat and straightforward techniques we can adopt to align ourselves with a more rewarding way of thinking!

Being positive isn’t about supressing anxieties and negative feelings or forcing ourselves into a better mood. As put by Kristin Wong from the New York Times, in times of emotional turmoil it’s important to break the cycle of anxiety by changing our surroundings, talking to a friend or even practicing simple breathing exercises. An article from Thrive Global gets more detailed with the concept of allowing yourself to smile or laugh more often and emphasises how staying active is great for relieving stress.

Science Daily have also highlighted studies finding that balancing living in the moment with planning for the future is key to enduring daily stresses without falling into a negative mood.

If you’re looking for intuitive methods to raise your attitude and reduce stress, check out our regular Positive Thinking Techniques workshops for an interactive way to improve your ability to stay positive!

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