It has been a very unusual summer for many professionals and teams this year, as plenty of us have converted our homes into makeshift offices and had our communication skills severely tested. Now as workplaces are reopening and we slowly begin to return to our routines, it’s essential not to forget the importance of wellbeing in the workplace, so here at Talent Courtyard we are unveiling our new Corporate Wellbeing Programmes.

Solutions for enhancing wellbeing in the workplace:

As outlined in a study from Mind, even before national lockdowns began to be introduced, a remarkable 1 out of 7 people in the UK were experiencing mental health issues in the workplace, and now an astonishing 1 in 5 adults say their mental health has worsened. Additionally, the Mental Health Foundation have reported that failing to acknowledge mental health issues can cost companies over £4,000 per employee each year, mainly due to increased presenteeism (lost productivity that occurs due to an employee working while ill) and absenteeism (missing work due to ill health).

Source: Mind (2020)

This highlights the growing necessity for corporate wellness initiatives, which are becoming increasingly prominent amongst companies of all sizes, and as we aim to be ground breakers in this industry, we’re excited to share the launch of our new Corporate Wellbeing Programmes. The purpose of these is to support urban professionals through workshops designed to enhance overall wellbeing, creativity, innovation, and personal and professional development. As our work resumes more normally, now more than ever is a crucial time to be concerned for the development of employees to remain proficient and productive, with the capability for rapid improvement.

We have a variety of corporate programmes available to suit how your team operates:

  • Wellbeing Programmes – select and tailor a programme that caters to the unique needs of your employees to set the foundations of a prosperous workplace.
  • Workshops & Webinars – a range of interactive sessions that help individuals and teams manage their personal and professional wellbeing more effectively.
  • (Virtual) Retreats – give your team that holiday feeling in a calming atmosphere with our bespoke virtual and physical retreats.

The long-lasting benefits of our programmes are substantial, with 96.2% of attendees agreeing that our workshops had a positive impact on their wellbeing and 98.1% being interested in further workshops both online and in-person. Even after only participating in a single wellbeing workshop, attendees experience an average 10% increase in the following areas:

  • Mental & Physical Wellbeing
  • Stress Management
  • Focus & Engagement
  • Confidence & Resilience Levels
  • Community & Belonging
  • Work-life Balance

Although attending our workshops once can be beneficial, consistent engagement with regular sessions can help your employees develop positive, life-long habits. We therefore encourage all employers to select our bespoke programmes when aiming to dependably support their team’s wellbeing and development in pursuit of reliable and measurable results. On average, employers receive £5 return for every £1 they invest in mental health for their workplace, meaning there is significant precedent for taking initiative for your team’s wellbeing and development.

For further information on our new Corporate Wellbeing Programs, including details on the structure and content of our packages, see here: https://talentcourtyard.com/corporate-programmes/

If you’re interested in using one of our programmes to support the wellbeing and accelerate the development of your team, contact us directly at admin@talentcourtyard.com

Words by Thanakarn Pongtipsukon


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