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Dancing is an excellent method for using movement to stay active in a way that can set us on a path to greatly improved overall wellbeing! By offering a channel for creative expression or pleasant recreation, dancing enhances mindfulness and eases anxiety whilst providing physical benefits such as better posture and greater balance.

It’s also incredibly fun and is a great workout, so try it out at home or out in a favourite space by putting on some music that gets you moving and let your body flow with the groove! There’s a variety of ways to get into different kinds of dancing or expressive exercising including:

  • Recreational dancing – for a fun and energetic way to exercise, especially great for those new to dance (learn more at Time and BBC).
  • Therapeutic dancing – to release stress and emotions through meaningful movements (further info from GoodTherapy and Frontiers).
  • Yoga or Pilates – if dancing isn’t your thing and you’re looking for an alternative form of expressive exercise (see CNN Health and BMJ).
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