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We all wonder what’s the secret to a happy, healthy, long life. A Harvard Study found that actually, the secret is feeling connected.
So what can we take from this into our own life?

In this case (and many others), quality over quantity! It is more important to have fewer, close partnerships where you can truly depend on one another, be there for each other and talk about anything.

Unfortunately, this works both ways, lack of connections, isolation can also make us more prone to mental and physical health issues. So be sure to keep the good ones close! Be a part of your local community, call your parents or siblings, get together with your friends, communicate with your partner!
However, this is no reason to get discouraged if you feel lonely. It is never too late to establish these connections, join an exercise class, take part in your local pub quiz night, volunteer, pick up a new hobby! You’ll likely meet some likeminded individuals and make some new connections!

Profound relationships don’t have to be perfect. Like anything long-lasting, there will be ups and downs, disagreements and fights, but in secure relationships you can turn to each other in need and get through tough times together!

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