Our Upcoming Workshops and Events in March!

As we head into March, still facing the uncertainty of the ongoing pandemic, the celebrations for International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day may be slightly different to usual. However, we at Talent Courtyard, are determined to celebrate and honour the women in our lives through a variety of online workshops and events! Our workshops in March will focus on empowering the women around us, so are beneficial to everyone, not just women! These workshops range from creative expression, mindfulness to personal and professional development, all aiming to EMPOWER WOMEN!


Creativity and Mindful Wellbeing Workshops:

The Divine Feminine (3rd March): Encompassing emotions, empathy, and expression, you will explore these feminine qualities deeper. Really observing how these qualities transcend you, by inviting them forward into your mind – which will then be transformed into a piece of artwork.

Empowering Women (8th March): You will learn how to mindfully engage in an art making process of your choice, including painting, drawing, collage making to discover and further explore your inner strengths, raise self-esteem, and increase your self-confidence.


Personal Development and Emotional Wellbeing Workshops:

Building Confidence (15th March): This workshop helps you identify the obstacles preventing greater self-awareness and confidence. You will gain a new understanding, enabling you to take action to overcome these barriers, develop self-belief and maintain a positive mindset, while enhancing your  performance in the workplace.


Professional Wellbeing Workshops:

Reassess Your Personal Strengths (22nd March):  This workshop is designed to help you (re)discover and apply your personal strengths in various ways, through a mixture of activities, conversations and reflection. 

You can purchase early bird tickets for these virtual workshops through our crowdfunding for £8.00 instead of our usual £20.00 ticket price. Not only getting the tickets at a discounted price, but also supporting us, a female founded company, at the same time! Find out more about our Crowdfunding HERE.

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