Our Upcoming Workshops in April

Stress Awareness Month takes place in April, so we are focusing on how to cope with stress, in our own creative and inclusive way. We will discuss and gain an understanding of the major role stress plays in our lives, and how it can cause both physical and mental health problems. Our workshops throughout April will focus on identifying the cause of  stress, how to manage stress better, and how to switch off. All these aim to help individuals gain a better work-life balance, and take charge of their wellbeing.


Our Creative and Mindful Wellbeing Workshops


Coping with Stress (5th April)During this workshop, you will learn how to mindfully engage in an art making process of your choice, including painting, drawing, collage making, etc. To be fully present and to explore your emotions with a non-judgmental perspective, entering a state of consciousness, characterized by attention to present experience, letting yourself be guided by a stance of open curiosity. Blending mindfulness techniques, visualization and creativity, you will be able to access your inner resources and strengthen your resilience to cope with daily stress.

Playing with Performing and Visual Arts (12th April)Art expression is a great way to get creative and relieve tension. To relax and de-stress, come and play with us! You will combine group improvisation techniques with some self-reflection through art. This session will explore spring, and what spring means to you through writing, drawing, painting, etc. You will then have a chance to discuss your creation and experience in smaller groups and learn from each other. Even if you join after a tiring day at work, you will have a lot of fun, leaving feeling refreshed and inspired, through the power of art and community.


Our Personal Development and Professional Wellbeing Workshops 


Stress management (19th April) This workshop will explain the science behind stress and its impact on your thought process, behaviours and bodies. Identifying your stress triggers and learning useful stress-management techniques to help relieve your tension. These simple and practical techniques can be used in everyday life, providing you with effective tools to better manage stress in the long run.

How to switch off (26th April) As technology is so prominent in every aspect of our lives, many of us find it difficult to switch off. Following our theme in April, “How to Cope With Stress”, this practical workshop will help you disconnect from your devices, worries, allowing you to be mindfully present during the session. This will ease your stress levels and boost your sense of relaxation as you learn about the benefits of regular breaks from technology.

We are currently crowdfunding, aiming to reach a wider audience of people, and in doing so intend to help individuals take charge of their wellbeing, and gain a better, healthier work-life balance. Through our crowdfunding you can purchase early bird tickets for our virtual workshops and events, at a discounted price of £8 instead of £20, while also supporting us! 

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Our Upcoming Workshops 

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