Personal Development & Professional Wellbeing

Personal Development & Emotional Wellbeing

Develop awareness of your wellbeing and the abilities required to achieve your ambitions by learning how to harness your personal strengths and attain an optimal mental state even in difficult scenarios. These workshops will provide you with the tools to maintain control of your wellbeing, relieve tension, build resilience, and take steps towards realising your goals.

Create. Relax. Connect.

* Reduced stress and anxiety
* Personal growth
* Improved emotional health
* Enhanced overall wellbeing
* Relaxation and calmness
* Self-development
* Better clarity & communication

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Personal Development & Professional Wellbeing

Develop awareness of your personal strengths and abilities, and build valuable skills to advance yourself personally and professionally with informative sessions that will enhance your wellbeing and your performance in the workplace and beyond. These workshops will provide you with tools to find solutions, manage stress, build resilience and take steps towards realising your goals.

Create. Relax. Connect.

* Improved strategic reasoning
* Refreshed perspectives, mindset & attitude
* Confidence boost
* Increased optimism
* Better clarity & communication
* Personal growth & professional development
* Reduced stress and anxiety
* Enhanced overall wellbeing


* 20th September, 6-7.15 PM BST – Boosting Happiness

* 18th October, 6-7.15 PM BST – Deeper Purpose

* 22nd November, 6-7.15 PM GMT – Stress Management


September – Learning and Happiness

Learning new skills can help us boost our self-confidence and build a stronger sense of purpose. As schools restart, to celebrate Youth Mental Health Day and Week of Happiness at Work, we will highlight the benefits of learning and happiness.

*20th September, 6-7.15 PM BST – Boosting Happiness

Happiness is the core factor which impacts productivity levels, focus, motivation and performance. It is important to prioritise your own happiness to flourish in the workplace and everyday life. This workshop will equip you with positive-thinking techniques to help you remain calm during stressful situations and maintain a positive mental wellbeing.


October – Mental Health and Self-Awareness

The first step for us to change and grow is to take care of ourselves. This month, we will a shine light on our internal world and flourishing, and introduce some tools to help you practise self-awareness with self-compassion and self-care.

* 18th October, 6-7.15 PM BST – Deeper Purpose

During this workshop, we’ll look into what drives us, motivates us, and what is really important to us. We’ll then discuss and discover multiple ways to nurture our self-care through various conversations, games and some reflection. This session improves self-awarenesses and gives you space to practice compassion in a friendly, safe space.


November – Movement and Stress Awareness

As Movember and Stress Awareness Week take place this month, we will raise awareness about stress prevention and show you how to build simple changes into your daily lives. Let’s work together to reduce the stigma associated with men’s health and stress and create your own action plan!

*22nd November, 6-7.15 PM GMT – Stress Management

This workshop will explain the science behind stress and its impact on our thought process, behaviours and bodies. Attendees will identify their stress triggers and realise stress-management techniques to relieve this tension. These simple and practical techniques can be used in everyday life, providing participants with long-lasting and effective tools.



Margarita, Andrea and Danny will be our facilitators for the ‘Personal Development & Professional Wellbeing’ workshops. Each with years of experience in coaching and training professionals from around the world, they offer unique perspectives and great wellbeing knowledge that help people build healthy habits, enhance productivity and creativity, whilst growing both personally and professionally.

* Find out more about all of our qualified workshop facilitators HERE.

This will be a virtual live session. Once signed up, you’ll receive a link to register to our Zoom virtual classroom.

Please have some paper, pencil or biro at hand.
No previous experience required.

Standard ticket – £20.00
Concession ticket – £10.00
Early bird ticket – £8.00

* Concession tickets are available for students, those out of work, furloughed or experiencing financial difficulties.

Please find more information about our monthly online wellbeing package HERE.

* Please join on time, and be mindful with any noises throughout the session (possibly mute yourself).
* This will be an interactive session, videos will be encouraged.
* Make sure to stay hydrated.
* NOTE: We reserve the right to add, postpone, change or cancel the start dates of our workshops, in which case we will inform you in advance.

Please read our Terms & Conditions for Payments, Cancellations, and Refunds.
Contact us to request a refund at contact@talentcourtyard.com.

Any questions, send us a message at contact@talentcourtyard.com.

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19 Apr – Standard – £20.00, 19 Apr – Concession – £10.00, 19 Apr – Early Bird – £8.00, 26 Apr – Standard – £20.00, 26 Apr – Concession – £10.00, 26 Apr – Early Bird – £8.00, 17 May – Standard – £20.00, 17 May – Concession – £10.00, 17 May – Early Bird – £8.00, 20 Sep – Standard – £20.00, 20 Sep – Concession – £10.00, 20 Sep – Early Bird – £8.00, 18 Oct – Standard – £20.00, 18 Oct – Concession – £10.00, 18 Oct – Early Bird – £8.00, 22 Nov – Standard – £20.00, 22 Nov – Concession – £10.00, 22 Nov – Early Bird – £8.00