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At Talent Courtyard we want to support young, urban citizens of the world to break everyday routines and inspire a renewed sense of purpose, growth and adventure through workshop-based retreats for individuals and unique team-building activities to businesses.

While our project has started off in London, UK, it has no limits and borders! We are a flexible, multinational diverse community who are happy to promote this culture and welcome professionals to join our community from all-over the world, of all ages!

Join us in this journey by talking about us to people or convincing just 1 person to pledge some of our rewards! Every little counts…

We want to thank our new pledgers: Hussy, Bence Papp, Zsuzsanna Banyai, Beatrice Gulmann, Keith Shuaib and Gaspar Battha for supporting and believing in our community, you are making our days!

We’ll be in touch with some exciting news shortly!
Enjoy the rest of the week,
The Talent Courtyard Team

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