Supporting your wellbeing during lockdown!

Today, many of us are still spending most of their time indoors with limited social interactions. And although uncertainty that comes with a pandemic can trigger feelings of worry or anxiety, it is fascinating how human nature has its own coping and survival mechanisms that already got us through almost a year of restrictions. Nonetheless, it is extremely important to look after our wellbeing under these circumstances. At Talent Courtyard, our approach to wellbeing is more about positive thinking, creativity, and community. Our objective is to create a space where participants can learn, relax, and have fun while looking after their wellbeing. While we are still in lockdown, we want to help you find ways to support yourself through five simple but effective actions that will play a major role in improving your wellbeing.

Stay in touch with the outside world 

Make sure you stay connected to a support system, that might include your loved ones, your friends or anyone that you consider close. Remaining in touch with others, while staying safe, will allow you to feel less isolated and will benefit your mental wellbeing. Consider also connecting with nature, as it is known to generate soothing and pleasant feelings. If being with nature outside is not available for you right now, you can still bring a touch of greenery inside and watch the difference it makes!

Establish a daily routine 

Establishing a daily routine will allow you to add structure to your day and will give your mind a sense of certainty and control. We recommend that you organize your day according to your natural rhythm and energy levels. Tackle your to-do list, take frequent breaks, and don’t forget to incorporate self-care routines. Be aware that building new habits can take time, so remember to be patient with yourself, reward yourself for successes and try to bounce back fast if you fall out of track.

Take time to rest and to do things you enjoy 

Whatever activity you are currently doing at home, it’s important to carve out some time to rest and do things you enjoy. Scheduling downtime regularly will improve your motivation and productivity in the long run.  Try to find what makes you feel relaxed, it could be focusing on a hobby that you have time for now or discovering new interests by experimenting and trying new things. If you are interested in trying something new, join us in our creativity for wellbeing workshop on February 1st at 6.00 PM GMT HERE!

Manage information intake and social media presence 

Be conscious of how much time you spend watching news or scrolling through social media, unlimited exposure to news and other people’s lives can be draining and might get you into the trap of negative thinking or comparisons. We recommend that you limit your screen time as much as you can and focus more on mindful activities such as meditation, yoga, journaling, crafting, cooking or any other activity that brings you to the present moment.

Eat healthy and stay active

Physical wellbeing is as important as mental wellbeing. In fact, looking after your body will enhance your mood and contribute positively to your overall wellbeing. You can take care of your physical wellbeing by eating consciously and being active. Try to eat healthy, well-balanced, and fresh meals as often as possible, don’t forget to stay hydrated especially in winter. If possible, add a physical activity to your routine, home workout can be a good option to consider.  Finally, stay home! Stay safe! And look after yourself. 

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