On 9th September 2020, Talent Courtyard and Halifax are collaborating to bring you an exciting wellbeing event! The hour-long session will be held between 3:30pm and 4:30pm where attendees can learn the benefits of consistent and regular creative activities to support their mental wellbeing.

The event will begin by introducing Talent Courtyard’s collaborative and practical ethos. There will be discussion on how we support the urban citizen to break everyday routines and inspire a new sense of purpose in their lives. We will expand on how attendees can enhance their creative thinking skills to reduce stress, stretch comfort zones and increase confidence through Talent Courtyard’s workshops.

We will then discuss the science behind wellbeing and how creativity can enhance it. This is followed by a visualisation exercise, where participants are asked to imagine achieving their desired goals in their career and personal life. This activity helps participants move towards their targets with an increased sense of drive and confidence.

To follow, there will be an exciting, interactive taster session of Talent Courtyard’s popular workshop; Positive Thinking Techniques. The session will help attendees practice positive-thinking methods through a mixture of activities and conversations. We will help participants implement these methods into their everyday routine to encourage sustainable happiness, balance and sense of purpose whilst coping with stress during adversity. You will only need a pen and paper to take part! The session will finish with a relaxed Q&A.

We welcome everyone to attend our complimentary event for some fun and practical guidance. Please visit the Halifax’s Eventbrite page to sign up.

Words by Kelly Bryan

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