Thank you. We’ve reached 10% of our target!

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Exciting news!
We’ve reached 10% of our crowdfunding target in 2 DAYS!

We are eternally grateful to all of our supporters so far: Jamie Liu, Tobias Svensson, Júlia Király, David Tera, Andras Meszaros, Ildikó Holecz, Snezha Marcello, Máté Pataki, Klari Gaspar, Anna Gaspar, Orsolya Németh, Ferenc Gáspár, Lucio Dell’Anna, Edit Kosa, Ulla Svensson, Kent Svensson, Eszter Sara Szabo, Marina Dell’Anna, Karolina Pintér, Johnny Bybjerg, Adri Lestyán, Emma Stocks and Laszlo Szabo and everyone else who pledged anonymously!

And we won’t let you down!

If you can convince just 1 friend to support us, that will be a massive help! Every little counts!

We’re working hard to make this happen and we thank you for believing in us and becoming part of our community!

With Love,
The Talent Courtyard Crew

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