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Dearest Readers,

as you are now part of our community you might be interested in the outcome of our first retreat which took place this May.

Here are some testimonials we received:

  • New insights into who you are through the eyes of others
  • Really supportive environment to build your strengths and face your weaknesses
  • I felt physically tired but emotionally energised, relaxed and happy
  • Could provide something new to the work environment

And a link to some images of the retreat in our Facebook Gallery: https://bit.ly/2X4d6ln

And here’s another ‘THANK YOU!’ to our new pledgers who made our community even bigger and brighter, and moved us closer to achieving our goal: Ildiko Holecz, Domenica Delfini, Aron Ghimessy, Snezha, S. Tagore, Daria Preis, Porkoláb Györgyné, Bogó László, Balint Egri, Peter Gaspar, Holly Smith, Harmed Pourzadeh, Morgan Andersson, Filippa Svensson, Anna Vera, Nóra Börcsök and Parveen Rashid!

If you can convince just one person to support us financially, by sharing or liking our links or with a smile, that’s already a fantastic addition to your help!

We’ll be in touch with further updates shortly.

Enjoy the rest of the week,
The Talent Courtyard Team

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