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Mental health problems affect one in four people, yet so many of us feel isolated, ashamed and worthless because of this. We have Time To Talk Day coming up on 6th February, and we encourage you to start conversations about mental health – to talk, listen, change lives. This will be a perfect opportunity to reflect on yourself or pay special attention to those around you!

5 ways to bring up mental health that you could try this week:

  1. Ask someone ‘how are you doing?’ and mean it, give a chance to getting an honest answer.
  2. Create opportunity. Spend quality time with a loved one without distractions.
  3. Start with yourself, practice a form of self-care.
  4. Talk about your feelings and listen to how others around you are feeling.
  5. If you already know anything about mental health, spread to word, educate someone who knows less!

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