Our Online Wellbeing Events

Our online wellbeing events are designed for you to de-stress, reflect and connect with a diverse community of people through creative growth and can be experienced via 3 different avenues.

All our online wellbeing events and workshops have a light-hearted, calm atmosphere, using simple materials with no experience necessary. Simply bring yourself and an open mind!


Facilitated by wellness professionals, providing an interactive experience of relaxation and learning through activities that stimulate creativity and self-awareness.


Experience a journey of discovery and personal development with our wellbeing package. We offer a more immersive way to experience our workshops by having you select 4 sessions of your choice.


Our current online wellbeing courses are in progress, but we will be announcing new courses shortly!

Our Recent Workshop

Watch this short film about our Virtual Wellness Day, a charity event organised in aid of Mind, for better mental health.

This showcases the kinds of activities that we do, which enhance wellbeing management, personal & professional development, arts & music, physical exercise and networking opportunities.


‘What I have taken away from the online workshop is inspirational and priceless! I love the simplicity of the exercises and the length of each workshop is perfect for me.’

‘Online can and does work! The Talent Courtyard team has done an amazing job setting up and running this!’

‘This was my first experience of an online workshop which I was a bit hesitant to join, however, I am very happy with the experience I got and would gladly take part again!’

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