Our Wellbeing Courses

Our current courses are in progress, but keep out an eye for all the upcoming online wellbeing courses we will be introducing shortly!

Our multi-week transformational courses each concentrate on different aspects of your personal wellbeing and development. Every course takes a different approach to your wellbeing journey.

Each course includes online workshops that take place on a weekly basis. The amount of weeks courses run vary.

Attendees are also provided with recorded videos for any missed sessions and at the end of the course will receive a certificate that proves attendance of the workshops.

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The “Inner Poetry” Hunt Course

A 6-week long journey to awaken or refresh your inner creative with the help of words and images. It will help you to recognise and manage emotions, and help to release tension and negativity.

This course includes six 75-minute online workshops that will be held on a weekly basis. You will be taken on an immersive personal journey through your poetry.

Click below for a more detailed course schedule and planned dates and times.

* Full Course: *in progress*

How It Works

1. Select the workshop(s) and date(s) of your choice, and pay online securely using your card.

2. You’ll receive a link to register to your chosen workshop and any relevant instructions via e-mail. Don’t forget to check your spams too!

3. Afterwards, you can stay in touch with the people you connected with and become part of our online community!

Our Recent Course

Watch this short film about our 12-Week Transformational Art Course in an interview with Talent Courtyard’s founder, Andrea Meszaros, and the course facilitator, Klari Gaspar.

This programme provides an immersive and interactive experience to advance your personal development, whilst leaving you relaxed and mentally stimulated.


Lovely way of creating a community and a sense of belonging – Klari is also very good in making everyone feel welcome and engaged.’

The wonderful power of playing together in an artistic way to create a greater sense of focus and calm.’

Unblocking emotions, being more fully present – I found it very encouraging and inspirational!’

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