What makes our online workshops so special?

We provide interactive, immersive experiences that tap into both the left and right side of the brain in order to achieve relaxation and discovery.

We work with qualified wellbeing professionals to provide a meaningful experience by helping you get to know yourself from new angles.

By attending one of our workshops you can become part of our online community. No previous experience is required and all sessions are virtual!

Create. Relax. Connect.

Online Wellbeing Workshop Calendar

Below are the dates for our upcoming online wellbeing workshops. Click on the workshop category you are interested in to get more information about the workshops in that category!

Upcoming Online Workshops

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Creativity For Wellbeing

Liberate your creativity with engaging activities using art and expression to make a powerful contribution to your wellbeing by enhancing emotional awareness and expanding your skillset. These workshops offer a safe, inviting environment to set you on a pathway to feel relaxed, relieved of stress, and enlightened through art, writing and more!

DATE & TIME: Select Mondays, 6-7:15PM BST
PRICE: £20.00 (Standard) / £10.00 (Concession*)
Early bird tickets are available for £8.00 HERE!


Mindful Wellbeing

Learn practical techniques that positively impact your daily mood and raise your overall wellbeing, through sessions designed to help you find a sense of inner calm and relaxation. These workshops will blend physicality with mindfulness to teach you exercises for yoga, breathwork, meditation, and more that can be practiced and repeated outside of the sessions.

DATE & TIME: Select Mondays, 6-7:15PM BST
PRICE: £20.00 (Standard) / £10.00 (Concession*)
Early bird tickets are available for £8.00 HERE!


Personal Development & Emotional Wellbeing

Develop awareness of your wellbeing and the abilities required to achieve your ambitions by learning how to harness your personal strengths and attain an optimal mental state even in difficult scenarios. These workshops will provide you with the tools to maintain control of your wellbeing, relieve tension, build resilience, and take steps towards realising your goals.

DATE & TIME: Select Mondays, 6-7:15PM BST
PRICE: £20.00 (Standard) / £10.00 (Concession*)
Early bird tickets are available for £8.00 HERE!


Professional Wellbeing

Build valuable skills for advancing yourself personally and professionally with informative sessions that raise confidence whilst enhancing your performance in the workplace and beyond. These workshops help to improve your ability to find solutions, collaborate proficiently, communicate effectively, and excel in your current and future career.

DATE & TIME: Select Mondays, 6-7:15PM BST
PRICE: £20.00 (Standard) / £10.00 (Concession*)
Early bird tickets are available for £8.00 HERE!

If you are looking for a great gift and cannot decide what they might like, consider the Talent Courtyard Gift Card! Give someone a special, new experience fulfilled with relaxation and reflection by gifting them online wellbeing workshops of their choice.

How It Works

1. Select the workshop(s) and date(s) of your choice, and pay online securely using your card.

2. You’ll receive a link to register to your chosen workshop and any relevant instructions via e-mail. Don’t forget to check your spams too!

3. Afterwards, you can stay in touch with the people you connected with and become part of our online community!

Monthly Themed Workshops

Our workshops are divided into 4 categories, each focusing on practices that target different areas of wellbeing. The sessions will take place on select Mondays at 6-7:15PM BST and will focus on a particular theme for each month.

April – Coping With Stress

Stress plays a major role in causing mental health problems and may also link to physical health issues. In our workshops, we’ll tackle what causes stress and how we can better manage it to live a healthy and balanced life!

May – Nature and The Environment

This month, the theme of mental health awareness week is “Nature and the Environment”, we will highlight the positive and powerful impact that connecting with nature continues to have on our wellbeing during the pandemic.

June – Importance of Community

Focusing on community, diversity and inclusion, as we commemorate PRIDE, National Wellbeing Week and Loneliness Awareness Week. June’s workshops will highlight the importance of community. 

September – Learning & Happiness

Learning new skills can help us boost our self-confidence and build a stronger sense of purpose. To celebrate Youth Mental Health Day and Week of Happiness at Work, we will highlight the benefits of learning and happiness.

Talent Courtyard E-Gift Card

Give someone a special, new experience fulfilled with relaxation and reflection by gifting them online wellbeing workshops of their choice or our monthly package. Treat your loved ones to an experience of calmness, learning and discovery through activities designed to enhance their personal development and wellbeing!

£20.00 – Standard / £10.00 – Concession | 1 Select Wellbeing Workshop
£40.00 – Standard / £20.00 – Concession | 2 Select Wellbeing Workshops
£60.00 – Standard / £30.00 – Concession | Monthly Wellbeing Package

Our Wellbeing Package

Are you interested in embarking on a voyage of creative mindfulness with our amazing wellbeing professionals by attending wellbeing workshops? Learn more below about our wellbeing package of 4 workshops, each of which explores different aspects of your wellbeing!

Our Recent Workshop

Watch this short film about our Virtual Wellness Day, a charity event organised in aid of Mind, for better mental health.

This showcases the kinds of activities that we do, which enhance wellbeing management, personal & professional development, arts & music, physical exercise and networking opportunities.


‘Online can and does work! The Talent Courtyard team has done an amazing job setting up and running this!’

Lovely way of creating a community and a sense of belonging.’

‘Had the ability to relax through art and discovered new technology tools to use in future!’

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