Update: Our 6-Week Creative Challenge for Wellbeing…

We’re nearing the halfway point of our 6-Week Creative Challenge for Wellbeing! So far, we’ve connected with nature, unleashed our creative culinary skills and this week, we’re even dusting the cobwebs from our paint brushes to create our very own masterpieces. With 3 weeks left to go, there is still so much left to get involved with and if you want to read a little more about what to expect, keep reading until the end for a sneak peak!

It’s never too late to join in on the action and bask in the positive impact creativity will have on your personal and professional wellbeing. So if you’d like to get involved, please click here to claim your free download!

With many workplaces across the UK returning to the office over the coming months, we understand that stress and anxiety levels in professionals may be heightened considerably at this time. To help you and your team cope better through this time of transition, we have expertly developed our September Package “Back to the Office”. This package contains a series of interactive and immersive workshops to help you practice new healthy habits and achieve work-life balance. If you feel that this package could be beneficial to you, your team or someone you know, please get in touch by emailing us at contact@talentcourtyard.com or by filling out the enquiry form here.


Here’s what you can expect…

If you missed out on the first half of the 6-Week Creative Challenge for Wellbeing, don’t worry! There is still so much to get involved with (and you can even get stuck in the activities from previous weeks if you wish, we won’t stop you!).

We’ve had so much fun engaging with activities related to nature, food and painting in the challenge so far but the fun doesn’t stop there! Here’s what you can expect from the themes and activities of the weeks to come…


Week 4: Upcycling

This week will challenge you to get creative with spare materials lying around your house or even ones found in charity shops so that you can be kind to the planet AND have created something entirely unique for your house!

Activities included in this week:

  • Bottle cap mosaics
  • Shoebox canvas’
  • Sock teddies


Week 5: Collaborative Creativity

Getting creative can feel like an escape and a way to connect deeper with ourselves but it’s also a great way to connect with those around us! This week will challenge you to let go of control and collaborate with others to create collective masterpieces (and have lots of fun while doing so!).

Activities included in this week:

  • Ready, Steady, Cook!
  • “Pass the drawing”
  • Pillowcase murals


Week 6: Writing

Did you know that writing offers a great opportunity to relax the mind and express your emotions? This week will challenge you to tap into your inner writer by engaging in activities that promote mindfulness and positive self talk!

Activities included in this week:

  • Journaling
  • Sense Mapping
  • Descriptive Writing

As always, we love to see what people have been creating and we would also love the opportunity to share those creations with our wider community! So, if you have gotten involved in our 6-Week Creative Challenge for Wellbeing and you’d like to be in with a chance to be featured on our socials, either attach your masterpieces in an email to contact@talentcourtyard.com or use the hashtag #talentcourtyardchallenge on Instagram! 

We can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on!

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