Ways to Celebrate Easter and Our Upcoming Workshops!

Taking place on 4th of April, Easter truly makes it feel like spring is upon us! With the loosening of lockdown restrictions also happening, this long Easter weekend gives everyone a reason to celebrate, relax and refresh, after surviving the cold winter months, in yet another lockdown.


Ways to Celebrate this Easter

As the weather starts to improve, it is great that we are now allowed to meet and socialise with bigger groups outside. You could celebrate this long Easter weekend in many ways. For example, making Easter themed arts and crafts, such as egg painting, making an Easter bonnet, baking Easter treats or watching an Easter themed film. 

You could also celebrate with a picnic in your local park with your closest family and friends. Here’s a list of traditional spring picnic foods you could take on your picnic this weekend: 

  1. Bunny fruit Salad 
  2. Easter Bread 
  3. Quiche 
  4. Deviled Eggs with Relish
  5. Hot cross buns  
  6. Cinnamon-Raisin, Oatmeal Cookies 


Our Upcoming Workshops 

As things slowly start to return to normal, everyone could use some time to focus on their wellbeing, and create a healthier work-life balance. In the spirit of this you could give one of our virtual workshops as an Easter gift to a close friend or family member! 

Focusing on Stress Awareness throughout April, our workshops will be centred around identifying and tackling the causes of stress and better ways to manage it. This Easter Monday (5th April) we kick things off with our creative wellbeing workshop ‘Coping with Stress.’ 

May marks Mental Health Awareness Week, with the theme this year being ‘Nature and the Environment’, highlighting the positive impact connecting with nature has on one’s wellbeing. You could pre-book a space on one of our workshops, or give it to a friend this Easter, for example, attending our ‘Contemporary Classical Piano Concert’ held on the 10th May.  

Find out more about our upcoming workshops in April and May HERE. 

We are currently crowdfunding, hoping to reach a wider audience of people and help them with their wellbeing journey. Through our crowdfunding you could purchase a ticket to one of our events at a discounted price of £8 instead of £20, while also helping us grow, reach, and support more people, at the same time!

Happy Easter! 

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