What is Wellbeing in the Corporate World?

At this time of the year, our calendars are jam-packed with important wellbeing dates. With World Mental Health Day (10th) in October, followed by Men’s Health Awareness Month and International Stress Awareness Week (1-5th) in November, it seems like a more appropriate time than ever to strip things back to basics by clarifying wellbeing, and specifically corporate wellbeing, as a concept. So to do so, we have dedicated this article to defining the term ‘wellbeing’ and what that looks like in the corporate world. 

To honour the importance of World Mental Health Day, we have crafted our October Seasonal Package to include creative activities and practical methods to facilitate improved workplace mental health. And the best part? Not only have 97% of our corporate clients reported a noticeable positive impact after engaging with our workshops but our process has also been carefully designed to be as easy and hassle-free as possible for you. Together, let’s amplify your team’s potential through enhanced corporate wellbeing! 

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Wellbeing is more than just being well…

Have you ever stopped to think about what wellbeing really means?

Maybe your curiosity has even piqued to the extent in which you have felt moved to scour the Internet for a definition…

If you’re part of the latter, you will already know by now that every publication, and even every person, has their own way of defining what wellbeing is.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy”.

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy argues it to be concerned with “what is non-instrumentally or ultimately good for a person”, the ingredients needed to reach a high quality of life relative to each person.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention propose that wellbeing is “the presence of positive emotions and moods, the absence of negative emotions, satisfaction with life, fulfillment and positive functioning […] judging life positively and feeling good”.

And the World Health Organisation… They claim wellbeing to be concerned with “enabling people to develop their potential, work productively and creatively, form positive relationships with others and meaningfully contribute to the community”. 

You may well have left your Internet search feeling more confused than you did to begin with, thinking “why are there so many definitions for one term?” and maybe even “which one is right?”.

The truth is, there isn’t any one definition for wellbeing because it is subjective to each person, their situation, goals and unique set of needs. In other words, what wellbeing looks like to one person will be completely different to another. 

Despite what you may see on social media, looking after your wellbeing isn’t all about fancy yoga retreats and daily meditation. While those things are great, they won’t be the answer for everyone. For you, tapping into that high quality of life might be as simple as getting your 8 hours in every night, spending time with your loved ones and using your free time to engage in a creative outlet that allows you to further your skills and knowledge.

Unfortunately there is no definition on the Internet that will give you the answer to that. One thing we can all agree on though, is that wellbeing is more than just being well and avoiding negative experiences, thoughts or feelings… It is about learning about ourselves and each other so that we can cope better, while living happier, healthier and more prosperous lives collectively!


What does enhanced wellbeing look like in the workplace?

If you didn’t already have enough wellbeing definitions to sink your teeth into, we’re about to throw you another! According to CIPD, facilitating and enhancing corporate wellbeing is defined as “creating an environment that actively promotes a state of contentment, benefiting both employees and the organisation”. 

After all, when employees feel great within their personal and professional lives, they display increased resilience, motivation, engagement, heighten performance and productivity levels, while also being less likely to take time off for sickness. It is clear to see that the time and money allocated to enhancing the wellbeing of your team is a mutually beneficial investment.

Many external and internal factors may influence reaching a workplace’s goal of heightening team wellbeing and culture, making it an overwhelming task for HR, people managers and team leaders to undertake single-handedly. 

Just about everything from a company’s mission, their commitment to inclusion and diversity, the availability of development programmes, leader’s management style and even the physical aesthetics of the working environment can impact the way teams feel, work and collaborate together… and that’s before you even consider the factors in each employee’s personal and professional life that may impact their wellbeing.

It can feel overwhelming and even out of your control, but here’s the good news… you’re not alone in your journey to better workplace wellbeing! Keep reading to learn more about how we can help.


How can we help you enhance corporate wellbeing?

At Talent Courtyard, we have undergone extensive research to understand the staggering impact of work-related stress, anxiety levels and other mental health problems on the professional world and the hard-working, talented individuals that make up our teams. We have seen poor mental health cost UK companies and employers an average of £42 billion every year through lost working days. We have seen a workforce struggle in silence, for fear of judgement when speaking out about mental health. However,  on the other hand, we have also seen firsthand the positive, life-changing impact that our programmes can have on team wellbeing and culture.

Our long-term programmes in “Stress Management & Resilience”, “Productivity & Time Management”, “Positively & Growth Mindset” and “Creativity and Innovation” have been expertly crafted by our qualified coaches and facilitators to improve workplace mental health through immersive, creative and practical solutions.

To feel the full benefits and life-changing improvements for your team, we recommend our programmes which are easy to organise, effective for your teams and tailored entirely to your specific needs. However, if you’re looking for a taster into the world of team wellbeing, why not consider organising a stand-alone workshop where we will even provide you with pre and post-workshop wellbeing measurements so you can quantify the impact for yourself!

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