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Leadership is about expertise and ability, but not only… Maria Ross, brand strategist shares her experience and research on how to be a great leader instead of being a boss who scares people away. The clue is empathy.

Colleagues when supported by empathetic cultures and leaders do better work as they feel more valued and that their thoughts and feelings are taken into consideration. Also, nurturing one’s talent is crucial for the millennial generation that craves for a personalised learning experience.

Some might say they are not empathetic humans, but the truth is, empathy, just as other skills can be learnt.
Here are a few tips, how:

  1. Be mindful and practice presence: mindfulness helps with being present even in a busy life where there’s much to worry about (eg.: meeting deadlines or targets, etc.). 5 minutes on a daily basis can help you keeping sane and appreciate the moment, which then will help with not being distracted, but having a meaningful conversation with others.
  2. Listen, instead of talking: sharing experience can be useful but active listening again makes someone feel valued.
  3. Stay curious: active listening involves not only hearing people but also asking the right questions to guide one finding the solution to their questions.

Leaders are of course expected to be decisive in certain situations but being empathetic with co-workers can also help them expressing the message the right way to their employees.

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