Why should you really care about goals?

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We probably all set goals every now and then. Most of us around New Year’s, birthdays, aligned with bigger life changes. Why not make it a more regular thing and see more benefits from it?

Goals give you motivation. You will develop strategies to improve performance and achieve an optimum state for functioning. Your long term vision will serve as the motivational energy you need to overcome obstacles.
Having a goal in mind directs your attention towards the actions and behaviour you need to adopt to achieve it.
Staying more focused and aligned with your goals encourages you to stay in the moment and make the most of it. This mindful attitude will likely become a core value that comes natural to you even when you’re not consciously working towards a goal.
Seeing measurable progress will help you build self-confidence and you will feel more in control. Achieving goals – or even failing them – builds your character and supports you on the way to self-mastery, becoming the best version of yourself.

Where to start? Set goals in all fields of your life – personal, career, intellectual, physical (performance not outcome) and make sure to spread them out over different time frames – the short term successes will help you keep going in the long run towards your bigger targets.

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